wireless smart home

The perks of having a wireless dimmer switch

A wireless dimmer switch is a more and more popular choice in every home. Energy savings, new light options that are controlled via an app, and long lamp life are just a few reasons why. With the technology improving LED lights are becoming a safer and more common option for our home. LED lights, with 25 W can replace a 100 W incandescent lamps, they contain no mercury and ooze little infrared radiation. The great thing about wireless dimmer switch is that we can transform the room based on our needs. If we need a light in a kitchen we can make it brighter, in the living room dimmer, etc.

perks of having a wireless dimmer

How does the wireless dimmer switch works

If we ask any smart homeowner they will tell you that the best place to start turning your home into a smart home is with lighting. More precisely, with a wireless dimmer switch. This is an attainable goal that won't cost us too much. And what exactly is a wireless dimmer switch? And how it works? Wireless dimmer switch reduces the brightness level in our home. This means no more grueling bright light early in the morning, no more getting up in the middle of the night and stubbing our toes into furniture in complete darkness. With a wireless dimmer switch, we can now adjust the brightness level as we wish. When choosing a wireless dimmer switch for LED light you will notice we have quite a few options. Have you ever wonder what is the difference between dimmer led 12V, dimmer 24V, dimmer led 220V and dimmer 230V? Ok, so let’s get technical. A wireless dimmer switch has the capability to shift electrical currents. The electrical current isn't the same in all the countries. When buying a dimmer we have to select it according to the load type. Do our controlled devices work through the normal 220V or 230 V power supply? In this case, we will choose a dimmer 230 V or a dimmer LED 220V. If our LED light units have low voltage we need a low voltage dimmer LED 12V that converts the current into the 12V power supply.

The Qubino Flush Dimmer has some remarkable extra features

The Qubino Flush Dimmer uses a MOSFET 'trailing edge' dimmer which allows it to work with various bulb types like dimmable LEDs (230V), dimmable CFL and Fluorescent (230V), halogen and incandescent (230V), low voltage LED (24V) and low voltage halogen (24V) bulbs. Extra features include reports of power consumption, temperature sensor which allows heating control and binary switch and sensor input which grant that the dimmer can be used with three external switches.

Qubino Flush Dimmer 0-10V

Flush RGBW Dimmer is a great way to add color to a home

Painting the walls of our home can be a big commitment to color. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it. There’s a time when the bright yellow wall lifts us up and at times we would prefer something calmer. Did you choose a neutral wall because of the classic look, but you are desperate to add some color? Flush RGBW Dimmer is a splendid solution. By using our smartphone we can set our RGB/RGBW lights in any color that we want. There are 16 million (yes, that's millions) hues to choose from. It's a great way to add color to our home or for hosting a party, which can now be unforgettable thanks to lighting effects. This dimmer can control different types of dimmable lights and consumes up to 30% less electricity. It is the smallest and the most powerful dimmer in the market. The parameters allow us to adjust the time between two colors in the scene, setting dimmer LED 12V to memorize status before the power cut, adjust maximum/minimum dimming value, and the dimming time of a dimmer 12V.