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Touch dimmer for LED lamps will enhance interior decor

Dimmers for LEDs are an excellent choice because the perfect lighting is important for the feel of the room. Have you ever wonder how restaurants create a perfect mood? How you’re greeted at the bright entrance and then seated in the dimmed light area? How it seems that every area has perfectly adjusted lighting that emphasizes space? Now we can have the same atmosphere in the comfort of our home. Each and every room can be perfectly light up to suit our needs.

Smart lighting and smart dimmers

Choosing the right touch dimmer doesn't have to be stressful

Choosing the right lighting, and with that new dimmer for LED, doesn't have to be stressful. When we are choosing a new smart home dimmer we have to take a lot of things into consideration such as wattage load, control preferences, type of lighting, application type, location, required dimming performance, and style. Touch dimmer is a good choice that will not only make our house more delightful but will also change our electrical consumption and cost. Dimmer for LED lighting will contribute to a versatile brightness, different dimming, and smoother control. This way we will be able to enhance lighting flexibility, increase productivity, focus, and provide an enjoyable, happy ambiance.

A touch dimmer will maximize savings and minimize energy consumption

With touch dimmer, we will maximize our savings, increase the light performance and our lives. Despite the common belief, not all LED lights are dimmable. Different circuits are determining if the LED bulbs are dimmable or not. We have to check the packaging whether the light is suitable for dimming. One thing we also have to make sure is that we don't exceed maximum loads which assure that the switch works perfectly. Calculating the maximum load with LED bulbs can be a bit tricky due to the low wattage of LED bulbs. When switched on, LED bulbs generate an inrush of power which may exceed the wattage. Touch dimmers reduce the flow of electricity to the connected light bulb by alternating properties of home wiring. When we use dimmer switch we create a back and forth flow, where the electrical flow varies. This way the flow is interrupted at one portion of the electrical cycle, which prevents a fragment of the voltage from reaching the light bulb. Dimmer switch special components are replacing the functions of the physical switch and special memory wiring saves the light’s current dimmer levels.

Flush dimmer - Remotely control dimmable lights

Easy way to control Qubino Flush Dimmer via a smartphone app

Qubino Flush dimmer is a Z-Wave module dimming device for 24V DC LED Strip Lights. Flush dimmer supports the regulation of LED bulbs, low-voltage halogen lamps, and dimmable fluorescent lights. Supporting push-button, momentary switches, and toggle switches the dimmer switch 24v can be pair with a digital temperature sensor. It has many excellent features, but one that needs to be pointed out is the measuring of power consumption of the connected device. Like any other Qubino device, this one also serves as a Z-Wave repeater. This way we can improve the stability of our Z-Wave network. Qubino Flush dimmer can be used in countless options. A dimmer switch can be used to remotely dim our lights or turn them on or off. In this fast-paced life smart home dimmer is a great thing to have. How many times did we get into bed not knowing if we turned the kitchen lights off? With dimmer switch 24v we can not only control the lights using a smartphone but also set the timer to turn the lights off when we leave the house. The great thing about it is that it was designed to fit into any small crowded flush mounting box. We can use it on all dimmable bulbs and easily control it via PC or smartphone.