• Warehouse storage solutions

    Warehouse storage solutions optimize all inbound and outbound warehousing processes, including planning, maintenance, commissioning and repairs. Industries can choose between four different industrial storage systems. 

  • Pallet racking systems

    Pallet racking systems adapt to production facilities. Here they meet their needs, resources, and capacities in the storehouse. All industrial storage systems are modified to the size of the storehouse, the type of products and materials, and their weight. 

  • Logistics management system

    A well-organized logistics management system provides efficient logistics and warehousing. This, in turn, also affects cost reduction, increased lean production and productivity, and reduce injuries in the workplace. Besides, the logistics management system is also responsible for achieving hygiene standards and other production standards. 

  • Hygiene procedures

    Advanced hygiene technologies help companies achieve high standards of product quality while complying with strict sanitary regulations that are particularly important in the food processing industry. Implementation of hygiene procedures is important in all industries where clean and fresh food is essential. 

  • Hand washing station

    The hand washing station enables optimal personnel hygiene at entry and exit points in the production area. It also enables high hygienic standards HACCP, IFS, and NSF. On the other hand, it reduces the potential for contamination in the production plant, which is particularly important in the food processing industry.

  • Conveyor systems

    Automated and customized conveyor systems are responsible for the transport of goods, containers, food and other products along the production line. The industrial conveyor ensures smooth and fast flow of products in the production process and thus increase productivity.

  • Underwater LED lights for fountains and pools are very long lasting

    Underwater coloured LED lights for fountains and swimming pools have an option of cool, warm white, blue, green, red or multi-colour RGB lighting.

  • LED recessed lighting is effective, elegant and can be very discrete

    LED recessed lighting is suitable for our home as well as path lights in our garden. LED recessed downlights usually have white light and come in mini versions.

  • LED pool light lasts longer than all the other types of pool lights

    LED pool light is suitable for indoor pools, underwater and can be colour changing. Blue LEDs are the most classical choice of pool lighting.

  • LED courtesy lights can make our courtesy lighting very economic

    LED courtesy lights are a great choice of lighting for our boat. We can choose among many types, like 12 volt, blue and RGB courtesy lights.

  • Personalised warehouse storage solutions

    High quality storage solutions for professional use. Our equipment is highly reliable because we understand that this is one of the most important espects. Partner with us and we will make you happy!

  • Professional conveyor systems

    We understand you need the best processing plant  and high quality industrial conveyor system, so we will satisfy requirements of your specific case.

  • The best industry machines for washing hands and boots

    The best equipment for perfectly clean working conditions. We provide professional automatic equipment for hads and boots for clean and safe working area.

  • Best high quality equipment for various industries

    Industrial lifts, washers, equipment for hygiene and material handling have to made, out of stainless steel. Get your own customised indutry equipment.

  • Fountain LED lights - decorating your garden

    Sfter it gets dark, you will need a little help of outdoor lighting. Choose fountain LED lights which can be installed underwater or above surface.