Industrial Washer and dryer – the best hygiene station on the market

Achieving the best hygiene possible is one of the most important goals in the industrial process, especially in the food-processing industry. The industrial washer and dryer has to be carefully selected in order to comply with the industry’s high hygiene standards. The Nieros industrial hygiene equipment enables a supreme and thorough cleansing of a variety of industrial items. The multipurpose hygiene stations are made for cleansing standardized products, such as trays, crates, boxes, moulds, Euro stacking containers, baskets, racks, Euro-pallets, Eurobins etc. At Nieros, they also offer completely custom-made comprehensive machinery that is tailored to the client’s requirements and fits their business needs perfectly. The Nieros industrial washers and dryers are made from high-quality stainless steel. Their products are manufactured with the most advanced technology and can be produced in various versions. The Nieros industrial hygiene equipment is effective, easy to use and cost-efficient. The washing results achieved with the Nieros industrial washer and dryer are simply superior and state-of-the-art.

Industrial hygiene equipment

Why choose their industrial hygiene equipment and hygiene stations?

There are plenty of reasons why to choose the Nieros industrial washers and dryers. Firstly, they are designed use water and energy in an efficient manner, which means that this type of machinery can save a business a lot of money. In fact, the cost of their operation and maintenance is very little. The hygiene stations use recycled water and are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained. The operation of these industrial washers and dryers is user-friendly. Moreover, they the water tanks and spray nozzles can be easily accessed. The operation of the hygiene station runs smoothly and the cleansing parameters can be adjusted in order to achieve the wanted performance. All parts of the machinery are of superior quality and guarantee an impeccable performance. Last but not least, the Nieros hygiene stations are certified and made in compliance with the strictest standards such as NFS, IFS, ISO 9001 and HACCP.

Multipurpose industrial washers and dryers

The Nieros multipurpose industrial hygiene equipment is a suitable solution for industries that require washing of various standardized items, such as pallets, crates, bins, utensils etc. These multipurpose machines come in two different versions – tunnel and cabin. All the items are thoroughly washed with water at the temperature of 85 °C. In other words, they are able to achieve flawless results and the highest level of sanitization, which is a must especially in the pharmaceutical and food-processing areas. Choosing the Nieros industrial washer and dryer, your industrial process will become more efficient, ecological and economic. These hygiene stations are made from robust stainless steel, which is easy to clean. The Nieros industrial hygiene equipment is made with user in mind. Their products are safe, easy to use and maintain.

Industrial hygiene equipmentItem-specific and specialized industrial washers and dryers

They also offer item-specific washers that are made for industries that require the washing of similarly shaped and sized items and materials. There are various types of specialized hygiene stations, such as crate washers, pallet washers, bin washers, IBC washers, smoke trolley washers, mould washers, poultry crate washers, automotive battery washers, knife basket washers and smoke stick washers. But it doesn’t end there – at Nieros, they also manufacture high-quality stainless steel specialized machines for different purposes, such as sticker removal, OBC-drying, blowing-off vacuum-packed items etc. These industrial washers and dryers are a vital part of different industries within the food-processing sector (bakery, fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, seafood, meat), as well as in chemical and other industries. Their drying capability is very high and they can operate independently or as a part of a bigger washing system. Every specialized machine enables the implementation of extra equipment. All the Nieros machinery is made to meet the highest expectations and standards. Their products are sustainable, cost-effective and simply one-of-a-kind.

Good hand hygiene with the best hand hygiene stations

Besides the industrial washers and dryers made for washing and drying industrial items, Nieros also offers advanced stainless steel hand hygiene stations. The Nieros hand hygiene stations guarantee a high level of hand hygiene of the personnel, which is crucial in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industry. In the times when concerns about viruses and germs are growing around the world, good hand hygiene is a must everywhere, even more so in the industrial process. When it comes to washing and sanitizing hands, Nieros offers a variety of different products that can be used independently or in combination with other Nieros products. Their solutions consist of hand hygiene control, washbasins, hand-washing accessories and hand dryers. Their hand hygiene stations are user-friendly and all their steps are carefully planned. It starts with soaping and washing of hands under the running water. The next step is drying and the disinfection of hands. The last step is a turnstile passage that lets the personnel through to the production hall only if their hands are fully washed and sanitized.