Our hygiene solutions are mostly used in food processing industry

Hygiene solutions by NierosHygiene solutions which we offer are suitable for all production areas where highest sanitation standards have to be accomplished. In food processing industry high contamination risk is always present. With suitable hygiene technologies risk of contamination is significantly lowered. We are reliable and trustworthy hygiene equipment manufacturers with representatives in 30 countries around the world. At Nieros we produce various sanitation solutions that assure all your sanitary needs. Nieros cleaning machines are made in high quality stainless steel so they are strong, durable and easy to disinfect. They are very cost effective, extremely efficient, sustainable and easy to maintain. Because all our sanitation systems are built in the house, they can be customized according to your needs and requirements. We are constantly investing in development of our employees and technology which results highly efficient and cost-effective hygiene solutions for food, pharmaceutical, transportation, chemical and many more.

One of hygiene solutions is station stand which is made for hand and footwear cleaning

Hygiene station stand is a must have in all industries where strict sanitation standards have to be achieved. We are designing sanitation technologies for hand and footwear cleaning purposes. You can choose among many different models to find the one that suits your companies needs best. Some models offer solutions only for sanitation of hands or footwear and some are designed for sanitation of both at the same time. This is a technological solution for quick and effective sanitation on production entry and exit points. Station stand can have a single, dual or triple lane, depending on its size and purpose. Single lane technologies are used for production lines with limited space. They are designed for 3-4 people to pass through it in a one-minute interval. Dual lane hygiene technologies allow passage of 10-15 people in one-minute period and are suitable for large production areas with considerable number of personnel. Triple lane technologies have the capacity of walk through for 20-30 people per minute on both entry points.

Hygiene technologies manufacturersHygiene monitoring is important if you want to achieve high sanitation standards

Our hygiene solutions for personnel entering and exiting production facilities are hand and footwear cleaning machines. They are made of stainless steel, sanitization chamber is illuminated and it has rubber protection on edges, cleaning and disinfection agent are dosage automatically through stainless steel nozzles. Hand cleaning systems provide thorough washing and disinfection which is required by sanitation standards of IFS, NSF, HACCP and others. They are designed in a way to direct personnel so they use them correctly. Whole process starts with first step which is soaping and rinsing under running water. Second step is drying and the last step is disinfection. After finished washing and disinfection process personnel has to go through a passage with turnstile control. Turnstile control is a way of hygiene monitoring because it allows entering in production area only to personnel who went through proper sanitation process. This way chances of contamination are significantly diminished. We produce many types of solutions for hand cleaning.

Our technologies used for various hygiene solutions are very time and cost effective

We also offer hygiene solutions which ensure clean and disinfected footwear. Some machines are made for cleaning soles and sides of shoes and boots, other are made for cleaning entire surface of boots. Most efficient solutions are cleaning units and disinfection units with automatic dosage of sanitizer and disinfection agent. Footwear cleaning machines have brushes which are positioned in horizontal or vertical position. Machines with horizontal brushes are made for cleaning of soles while vertical positioned brushes which are height adjustable, clean entire surface of boots. Some models even have a hand brush for manual cleaning. Footwear cleaning technologies are machines made of stainless steel because they have to be sturdy and reliable, they are easy to clean and maintain.