Hygiene procedures, industrial hygiene and safety

Hygiene is a set of practices performed to preserve health. Personal hygiene refers to maintaining the body's cleanliness, but hygiene is a broad term. It includes such personal habit choices as how frequently to take a shower or bathe, wash hands, trim fingernails, and even change or wash clothes. It also includes attention to keeping surfaces in the home and workplace, including bathroom facilities, clean and pathogen-free. Some regular hygiene practices may be considered good habits by a society, while the neglect of it can be often disgusting, disrespectful, or threatening.

Basic hygiene procedures must be applied by all health and social care staff, some industry workers, food handlers etc. The aim of basic hygiene routines and dress code is to prevent the spread of infections. Basic hygiene routines include hand hygiene, use of gloves, aprons and gowns, dress code including workwear, hair, beard, jewellery and bandage on hands. Hand disinfection is necessary to ensure safe, germ-free work environment.

Hygiene procedures

Hand hygiene

Hand disinfection is necessary in healthcare, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other branches where our hands tend to be contaminated. If we want to remove microorganisms, we need to disinfect our hands thoroughly, so that it is safe to handle certain products or to work with people. It  includes several compulsory steps. First we must remove all rings, bracelets or watches, since they may collect microorganisms. Our nails have to be shortened properly and the skin needs to be moisturised. If our hands look or feel dirty, or if we came in contact with a patient who vomited or has diarrhoea, we first wash our hands by using soap, rinse them and dry them completely, as the use of products for hygienic hand disinfection on wet skin may decrease its efficiency. Then we fill our hands with the hand disinfection solution (at least 2 to 4 ml). Many mistakes are made by the usage of the insufficient amount of hand disinfection solution. We rub the disinfectant all over our hands (first start with the palms, than move to the backs of your hands, fingers, spaces between the fingers and finish with the forearms).

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Automated hand hygiene and hand disinfectants

Hand disinfectant dispensers are used before entering a clean area, handling food, before and after bedside work, before surgeries and in numerous other circumstances where disinfection is required. Nieros offers several automatic stations with hand disinfectant dispensers, which can be used by up to 150 workers within 10 minutes. Next to them the automatic stations for hand hygiene use multiple washing through to ensure completely safe and clean environment.

Hygiene technologies

Hygiene technologies, industrial hygiene equipment and machines

Nieros has many years of experience in the area of hygiene technology. Over the years, they have gathered a wealth of experience and have slowly taken the lead among hygiene equipment manufacturers. They are able to supply customer-focused cleaning systems that are expertly integrated into business processes and offer the best hygiene solutions, as they face the many different kinds of hygiene-related issues with user-friendly, durable, safe, innovative and efficient products.

Among other things, they specialise in hand hygiene technologies and offer several options for hygiene hand disinfection, like different hygiene stations, hand disinfectant dispensers and hand disinfectors with controlled entry that will surely improve our hand hygiene compliance. They also offer solutions for cleaning and disinfection of room equipment, tools, footwear, industrial washing machines, cleaning aprons and other technologically demanding equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and similar industries. They are holders of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which grants them a responsibility to meet the highest standards. For any questions regarding hand disinfection, hand disinfectant dispensers or hand disinfection procedure, they welcome us on their website, where we can contact them and find all sorts of useful information. They will gladly answer to all our questions.

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