Our industrial washing machines respect materials and environment

Nieros industrial washing machines are made for ensuring the utmost longevity of your machines and are adapted for the optimal production processes. As one of the main providers of high quality hygiene solutions, we have developed comprehensive products for handling health and safety hazards at your workplace, including washing machines. Allowing for the best cleaning or disinfection, our washing machines are adapted to remove all visible dirt from your production chain and working environment, such as food residues, dust and other dirt. We can also make sure that our industrial washing machines are adapted to ensure a bacteria-free workplace, removing existing microorganisms.

professional washing machine

High-quality industrial washing machines for sale at Nieros

Our industrial washing machines, for sale at our premises in Slovenia or with our representatives in countries of Western Europe, are made from stainless steel and available in various types. Multipurpose washing machines can be used for cleaning various items used for storage and packaging, regardless of their material or size. Besides multipurpose industrial washing machines for sale, we also offer specialized or item-specific machines, and even total industrial solutions and sanitizers. These items can offer various degrees of hygiene, including disinfection, which means the destruction of micro-organisms  or their reduction to a level that poses no threat to either human health or the quality of perishable goods. In this way all your products, staff and ultimately clients are secure and safe.industrial washing machine

Handle all industrial washing processes with our professional washing machines

Nieros professional washing machines carry out industrial washing processes at different speeds and angles. With our extensive experience in the field and renowned experts working in product design, we have been able to develop products that are adapted to the needs of modern businesses. While no compromise should be stuck on hygiene in the workplace, it is important that detergents are always stored separately from other goods, especially food, if your activity relates to it. To avoid any possible contamination or contacts, our products and industrial washing machines are clearly compartmentalised and detergents clearly identified and stored safely. It is also important to look at the whole production area, where walls, ceilings and floors should be in perfect condition. We like to consider the whole picture and will be looking to find a comprehensive solution for you. Our experts will give you a personalized service and look at your situation specifically. It should be noted which factors can also influence your production and affect walls, ceilings or floors, like moisture due to condensate, forklift traffic, detergents and disinfectants.

Trust one of the biggest industrial washing machine manufacturers in CEE

In our 200-plus-years' tradition we have grown from an iron-processing plant into a major industrial washing machine manufacturer in Europe. Our products are known for their quality and adaptability, and a high level of our customer service is our main characteristic. We always design our products, thinking of the client. Already during the conception of new machines, which serve the production processes for treatment or storage of food, chemicals and other potentially sensitive products, many factors are to be considered, which allow for the highest possible industrial hygiene - hygiene in the workplace. The goal is always to avoid contamination, which is not only microbiological contamination, but also contamination by foreign bodies or chemical substances. We will consider all enquiries case by case. Many years of experience in the most demanding markets in the world have made us aware of the real business requirements. As innovators and technologically advanced actors, we are committed to constant improvement and development. Do get in touch with us per telephone, email or in person to have the best possible service and a customized offer for your need.