Industrial equipment- Different types of high-tech products

We specialise in design and manufacture of high-tech stainless steel products, that meet the needs of many different types of industry, like pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, chemical, petrochemical and agricultural. We invest in latest technology, innovations and high professionality of our staff, and are able to offer cost-effective, optimal solutions that will satisfy our clients. Our solutions contribute to time-cost optimisation and are custom made. One of their attributes is also exceptional quality.

Industrial equipment

Industrial lifting equipment

Lift systems are ergonomic solutions, designed to lift different loads up to 6 m high. Industrial lifting equipment can be designed for various work tasks. It can be fully mobile, suitable for different kind of working environments and it can have many different lifting attachments for lifting boxes, barrels and other packaging materials.

Industrial washing equipment

Optimal hygiene is of fundamental importance for many types of industries. In particular in all food processing business, pharmaceutical industry and etc. This is why it is so important to choose the right industrial washing equipment with high efficiency, performance and the right quality.  They can be built as multipurpose appliances. Such washing machines are suitable for all industries that have the need of washing many various items, like Euro pallets, Euro stacking containers and plastic crates, Eurobins etc. They can be made in tunnel or cabin version.

Industrial hygiene equipment

Perfect hygiene practice and good sanitation are the two things that make all the difference between good and bad, especially in all food processing and pharmaceutical industries. This is why new cleaning technologies are so important. Industrial hygiene solutions are engineered for all those production areas, where contamination could represent a great risk for the business. Industrial hygiene equipment is usually made from stainless steel of highest quality. Hygiene stations and systems keep your work environment clean and sterile at every step of the process. Cleaning machines are friendly for the users, highly functional, easy to maintain and cost effective. They help you with good hygiene practice and cleanliness of all the equipment and personnel.

Industrial hygiene equipment

Industrial handling equipment

Industrial material handling equipment is mechanical equipment that we use for controlling, protecting, moving or storing materials or products in the process of production and manufacture. It helps to manage production processes economically. It makes the work process simpler, increases production and prevents injuries that can happen during the work process. Material handling equipment covers handling processes, such as transport, sorting, picking, cutting, labelling, loading and storage. It facilitates a smooth flow of goods that meets the ISO, IFS and HACCP and other standards for manipulations with delicate goods.