Pallet racking systems

We know many warehouse rack and shelving solutions and storage racking systems, all designed to be utilized with different storage applications and warehouse spaces. At Nieros they work closely with their customers, to plan, design and deploy the solutions that optimally achieve their goals.

The biggest challenge today to any warehouse owner is the availability of space to accommodate an increase in the flow of inventory. The profit potential of any warehouse largely depends on the extent to which the warehouse can manage the goods storage and material handling. The business owners are forever in search of an ideal wearhouse racking system that could increase the storage capacity of their warehouse.

Industrial storage racks are designed for carrying heavy loads and are mostly used in industrial warehouses. Loading and unloading can be done manually or by automatic system. Storage racks for warehouses usually have adjustable grids (200 mm x 1800 mm). Each rack accommodates up to 9 shelves. Industrial storage racks have two depths: 430 mm and 550 mm, and twelve rack lengths, from 600 mm to 1900 mm. Their shelf capacity is 200 kg of evenly distributed weight.

Among the various racks available, the pallet racks are probably one of the most popular, due to the fact that they are available in many different versions. The use of pallet racks also rationalises the everyday business procedures and maximizes productivity.

Besides pallet racks, we should probably also mention gravity flow racks. Nieros gravitational warehouse is a perfect solution for production areas of small storage capacity needs and limited space. Exploiting the gravitation, full crates move along the rollers while following the principles of FIFO inventory management.

Pallet racking systems

Types of pallet racking systems

The wide aisle pallet racking uses large shelving units that hold a single pallet or crate and also has large aisles around the units which can be easily accessed by forklifts. Double deep racking pallet system allows crates and pallets to be stacked two deep on shelving units. Moreover, warehouses, where double deep stacking racks are used, have an added advantage of using normal counterbalance forklift. The high shelf racking is popular in warehouses where there is space constraint. The drive in pallet racking is mainly used in cold storage warehouses. The push back pallet racking is similar to the drive in racking system, however, here the forklift truck is not required to drive into the unit as the presence of a roller system allows the goods to be stored deep within the unit.

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There is a big variety of warehouse storage system solutions

Industrial storage racks offer suitable solutions for a variety of different industries and economic managing of space and storage process. Automated storage systems assure quick order picking and computer monitoring. But not only that, with technologically advanced industrial storage rack systems you can also trace the products anywhere in the warehouse.

When choosing Neiros storage system solution, you can decide between manual and automatic operation. Their storage system solutions offer many benefits like maximum space utilization, time-cost optimisation, effective traceability system, simple and accurate inventory control, quick and efficient order picking, humanized work processes and economical storage management. Because of their flexible configuration they are easy to maintain, consequently keeping high hygiene standard will never be a problem. Nieros also offers end-to-end solutions for every storage type from their offer. They can produce tailor-made storage system solutions for client’s specific requirements, which makes their offer even more attractive.

Warehouse storage systems

Industrial racking systems

Industrial storage systems offer easy and efficient storing. Industrial storage racks ensure optimal space utilization of warehouses and can be installed without any structural changes to buildings of warehouses, consequently the cost of investment are lower. Due to their easy cleaning and maintenance, they also offer high hygiene standard of the warehouse areas.

Industrial storage racks are mostly made of stainless steel that ensures long life-span. All Neiros industrial storages meet HACCP standard.

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