Hygiene equipment suppliers market our products worldwide

Hygiene equipment makes a large part of our technology equipment range, and it sets standards for keeping the industrial working process completely sterile. We are among the best European companies for technological equipment with a long standing reputation and tradition in manufacturing products made of stainless steel. We have grown to one of highly professional hygiene equipment manufacturers, offering industrial hygiene necessities of premium quality. Other than our steel-made washroom hygiene equipment, we also produce industry-specialized hygiene tools, which are distributed by the largest hygiene equipment suppliers.


What hygiene equipment is obligatory in industrial working area?

industrial hygiene equipment manufactureresHygiene equipment used in industrial surroundings can be divided two-way: cleaning and storing of the working clothes, and disinfection of hands and sterilizing of technological process tools. We include several cloth-cleaning options: apron and booth cleaners are highly necessary in food, chemical and medical industries, and heavy-duty lockers and wardrobes will provide excellent, dry storage for work clothes. Trolley for dirty clothes makes transportation of dirty work clothes quicker and easier. Other hygiene equipment products, like hand wash basins, can provide both required personal hygiene in working process and sterilization of smaller hand hygiene equipment. We also offer various hygiene accessories, which are widely available through hygiene equipment suppliers.

What makes hygiene stations so useful in industrial facilities?

hygiene equipment suppliers for best washroom disinfectionYou will notice that different hygiene station solutions are standard part of industrial hygiene equipment supply at specialized hygiene equipment suppliers. Our Hygicontrolers and tripod turnstiles and designed specifically for the controlled passage of the workforce in and out of the industrial working environment. This advanced washing hygiene equipment will secure full working area parameters control, and it will help to keep the working process hygiene up to level. Stations can be used independantly or as combo hygiene equipment units. For fitting of these stations to your needs and requirements, check out our hygiene equipment suppliers to see what suites your industrial facility best.