Industrial washing machines assure high hygiene standard

High hygiene standard is an absolute must in every kind of industry – especially in food processing industry where high contamination risk is always present. Therefore, in Nieros we have designed different hygiene systems solutions for food processing industry. When choosing the optimal industrial washing machine, high performance, efficiency and quality are of vital importance. As a leading manufacturer of industrial washing machines, we make sure that our washing machines are high efficient as well as economical.

Nieros’ fully comprehensive industrial washing machine range is the answer to a variety of businesses where superior washing performance is expected, going hand in hand with user-friendly operation and low operating costs.

There are multiple industrial washing machines available:

  • Multipurpose Industrial Washers represent a convenient solution for any business with diverse items to be washed such as euro crates, euro bins, euro pallets, IBC containers and others. We care about the nature around us, so we equipped these industrial washing machines with water recycling system to reduce fresh water and energy consumption, a double filtering system to trap dirt particles, and low water protection device preventing damage to the machine in case of insufficient water level.
  • Total Industrial Washing Solutions are the answer to many businesses where superior washing performance and ultimate hygiene is expected. With this industrial washing machine, designed by leading manufacturer any piece of dirt will be removed.
  • Item-Specific Washers are designed for specific items of similar shape, size and material to be washed.
  • Specialized Machines are the answer to any industrial washing process aiming towards superior performance. If combined with other hygiene systems solutions designed by Nieros they are indispensable in a wide array of industries such as bakery, dairy, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetable, meat, chemical and other sectors, functioning either as an independent or a modular unit of a broader washing system.
  • Sanitizers: made from stainless steel, sanitizers represent a first-class solution for sanitizing various vacuum-packed products.

Industrial washing machines manufactured by Nieros are effective and time as well as cost efficient. Furthermore, they provide superior washing performance during the entire cleaning process. Industrial washing machines also offer user-friendly operation system with adjustable washing parameters and easy access to spray nozzles and water tanks. Additionally, maintenance and cleaning of the machines is easy.

High-quality materials ensure long life-span of the machines

All of Nieros' industrial washing machines are made of the best materials and built-in parts, consequently their life-span is long. Industrial cleaning machines can be standardized for common items or fully customized to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements. Last but not least, all of our industrial washing machines are in compliance with the highest quality requirements and HACCP, IFS and NSF International standards.

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Different meat processing equipment is also available in Nieros

Last but not least, all of our industrial washing solutions are easily incorporated in our meat processing lines and warehouse systems that are also on offer. There is a variety of product for meat processing available – from desks and worktables, bins, containers and tanks, trolleys, accessories and utensils, railings, wall and corner impact protection, cooling tanks and ham presses; and last but not least, drains - all designed to meet your production specifics. Due to the stainless-steel construction, meat processing equipment is easily cleaned and the demanded hygiene standard is easily reached. But not only that, meat processing equipment is also extremely durable and long lasting.

Are you interested in washing machines for palletsautomatic hand washing station or industrial crate washers? Visit our web site and take a look at the options we prepared for you. Of any further questions occur you can reach for our help via phone or email.