Automated warehouse system is operated manually or automatically

Automated warehouse system simplifies depot processes with complete incoming, storage and order picking solutions. All your empty or full containers, crates, pallets, cartons, boxes and other cargo can be stored easy, fast and steel maintain order integrity with exact reliable inventory control. Nieros warehouse systems can be operated manually or automatically, they have ergonomic design and are user friendly to expedite work tasks of employees for achieving increased productivity. Because areas for storing are well-organized and thoughtfully planned, cleaning is easy and can be done thoroughly to insure the best hygiene conditions. Automated warehouse system utilizes depot space to maximum by providing quick and simple depository for divergent equipment. You can also choose pick and place or gravitational warehouse systems depending on your facility, available space, storehouse capacity and type of products you have to store.

Automated warehouse system offers industrial storage solutions for companies

With various industrial storage solutions, we are utilizing and organizing depot space. All items which are stored have to be easy traceable and simple to access. For efficient use of time and space, all our processes run on FIFO method. With FIFO method best product quality is ensured because it works on first in first out principle. There are many benefits of warehouse storage systems: quick and effective picking order, maximum space usage, flexible configuration, efficient tracing, cost and time effective optimization, precise inventory control, easy maintenance and low operating costs. Operation modes which are available are: manual, semi-robotic and fully automated.

We offer three types of warehouse systems: gravitational, pick and place, fully automated

For storing full pallets and crates, we produce three models of warehouse systems. First model is gravitational warehouse which is the best solution for companies with limited space and small depository capacity needs. Taking advantage of gravity, full crates travel along the rollers while following FIFO inventory method. There are two variations of gravitational warehouses: gravity-flow shelving model and semi-automated gravity-flow model. First option is manual depository and retrieval of crates in up to 5 levels. This type is suitable for depots with small capacity but with enough room for product weighing and picking. Second variation which is semi-automated can be completely customized according to client needs to meet productions specifics. Loading and unloading of full crates is robotized, it can be done up to 30 meters in length and 6 meters in height. Crates are digitally monitored using warehouse management solutions like barcode classification. Second model of warehouse systems is pick and place system. It is suitable for companies which operate with heavy-duty loads and have small depository capacity needs. Transportation of pallets, crates and other items from one location to their designated storage place is done by specialized robots. For the purpose of accurate stock control, every item is easily traceable with barcode. Pick and place system is industrial storage solution which reduces operating costs, increases efficiency and solves ergonomic problems. It also keeps high levels of hygiene in compliance with HACCP, NSF and IFS standards. Third model of warehouse systems is fully automated. It is the best solution for production areas with massive depository needs. With multiple exit and entry points monitored by RFID destination tracking, it operates on FIFO depository method. It provides item traceability and effective accurate stock control. Its stainless-steel construction provides maximum space usage and simple maintenance.Automated warehouse system

Warehouse systems for empty crates can be fully customized to meet client needs

Empty crate warehouse systems are designed for companies which have need for considerable depository capacity while respecting highest hygienic standards like HACCP, NSF and IFS. Because of its flexible configuration units, storage capacity and dimensions can be fully customized and if necessary, even upgraded later on. Useful feature is show of display and even printout of operational data.