Warehouse equipment offers effective logistics solutions to industries

Warehouse equipment is a part of Nieros logistics solutions, designed to help industries manage their production processes in a comprehensive and adjustable manner, fit to their specific needs. It helps them to rationalize work tasks and performance, to enable time-cost optimization and to meet high quality and hygiene standards. Warehouse equipment covers the storing aspect of material handling solutions. It provides quick and easy storage of containers, crates, pallets, boxes and other cargo, keeps these items in order and enables full control over the inventory.

Warehouse equipment

Warehouse management systems: from manual mode to warehouse automation

Use of our warehouse equipment is available in two forms: through manual or automated operation. Manually operated warehouse system, called gravity-flow shelving model, is intended for production halls with limited space and small storage capacity. It functions by exploiting the force of gravity to move full crates along the rollers and retrieve them in up to 5 levels. Another gravitational model is called automated gravity-flow model and it provides robotized loading and unloading of full crates to the maximum height of 6 metres and length of 30 metres. It uses RFID destination tracking for digital monitoring. Other warehouse management systems from our product assortment include fully automated warehouse systems for storing both full and empty crates.

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Three types of automated warehouse system

Let us begin with systems for storing full Euro stacking containers, plastic crates and Euro-pallets. Pick and place warehouse is a perfect solution for production areas that have small storage capacity but deal with substantial and heavy loads. Its robots transport material from certain location to storage place while the RFID system makes every load easily traceable and accessible. Fully automated warehouse is intended for large storage needs. It is available in custom dimensions and its robust stainless steel construction enables space utilization. Its multiple entry and exit points are monitored by barcode (RFID) destination tracking, all operational data can be displayed and printed out. This provides product traceability and accurate stock control. Installation of this equipment can be made on the spot, without making any changes to the structure of the building. It can be incorporated in the data processing system or acquired as a stand-alone model. Another great feature of this system is the possibility of high speed and acceleration. Automated warehouse for storing clean, empty crates has flexible configuration which enables customization of storage capacity and dimensions. Conveyor can reach the speed of up to 25 metres per minute, while the standard number of rows is 40 and the standard number of boxes in a row is 8. System is of course equipped with digital monitoring of entry and exit points. All three systems for warehouse automation are in compliance with hygiene demands of HACCP, IFS, NSF and other standards; good organization of storage area makes it easy to clean and maintain the place.

Warehouse automation

Benefits of warehouse management solutions

Nieros warehouse management solutions offer several benefits to our clients. They are customizable to meet specific requirements of each industry and they optimize production activities by saving time and reducing labour costs. Our warehouse systems operate on the principle of FIFO, meaning "first in, first out". This concept guarantees optimal space and time organization and maintains order and quality of products. As part of warehouse automation, digital monitoring system offers effective traceability and simple stock control. High tech and high quality steel constructions ensure easy maintenance. All warehouse equipment and facilities are user friendly and their ergonomic design helps protect employees from work-related injuries. Work activities are facilitated and that increases productivity.

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