Industrial storage racks as a necessity

Industrial storage racks are a must in many industries. It’s difficult to imagine a warehouse or even a shop without them. They are not just regular shelves, but were specially designed to carry a lot of weight. Most of them are spacious and must meet industries’ demands. We rarely have a lot of space at our disposal, so at Nieros we have come up with several space-saving and efficient solutions for storage and shelving, have added anautomated storage to manual ones and have made sure, that our industrial storage systems will not only satisfy you, but also exceed your expectations!

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What is a lot of space?

Our industrial storage racks are suitable for smaller industries and warehouses as well as for big halls, but they function especially well if you need to make the most of the space available. Nieros industrial storage racks have adjustable grids (200 mm) and are of standard rack height (1800 mm), but can be adapted to your needs. Each industrial storage rack can have up to 9 built-up shelves and two depths - 550 mm and 430 mm. The length is adaptable and can be anything from 600 mm to 1900 mm. You can burden them with 200 kilograms (evenly distributed). If the foreseen characteristics don’t suffice for you industry, feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to help you find an agreeable solution.

industrial storage

What is an automated storage?

Automated storage is a storage and warehousing system, where human contact is practically not necessary. It’s operated by computers (robots), that sort, store and carry materials to or from the work station. With it it’s possible to perform several parallel operations. Automated storages relieve manual workers, are faster, don’t need rest and can also take advantage of heights, which optimizes given storage space. Automated storage systems have several benefits - first of all, they save space, because they need minimal storage capacity - they are compact and can also exploit heights, unreachable (or difficultly accessible) to humans. They are time efficient, because they perform operations faster, don’t need to walk between the shelves and don’t get tired. They assure quick order picking and you can monitor them with a computer. Automated storages also protect your goods from damage, dirt and unauthorized access.


Nieros’ versatile industrial storage racks

We are confident that together we can find a solution for any problem. We offer a variety of products and when it comes to industrial storage racks, we’re highly innovative and driven. You can choose among:

  • industrial storage racks and systems for cold storages: they have several added elements, which are optimal for cold storages,
  • manual systems,
  • automatic charging and manual removal systems,
  • manual charging and automatic removal and
  • fully automated storage systems.

If you can’t decide which one would be best for you, send us an e-mail and we’ll find a solution, suitable for you.

Some advantages of Nieros industrial storage racks

All Nieros systems were designed after a thorough researching. We have many years of experience with different industries, which means we’ve gained enough opportunities to research all of them, consult with the customers and adapt our systems to different needs. Our storage and warehousing solutions are a result of many years of planning, adapting and consulting, development and research, so that now we can offer industrial storage systems which optimally use the given space. To install them, you don’t need to make any structural changes (all storage and shelving is highly adaptable). We are a company which also offers versatile hygiene equipment and with that in mind we have built storage systems which are easy to clean and maintain and offer high hygiene standard. They are predominantly made of stainless steel, which also guarantees long life-span.

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