Warehouse logistics help managing our warehouse

Warehouse logistics cover storage, distribution, inventory management and records maintenance of items in a warehouse. It is at most important component of supply-chain management, which emphasizes the receipt and proper storage of property.

Nieros delivers fully comprehensive, integrated and customizable intralogistics and material handling solutions to help us manage our internal production processes as economically as possible. Their warehouse logistic systems are designed to simplify work processes, boost productivity and reduce workplace injuries.

Warehouse logistics

Warehouse systems

Warehouse systems are nowadays becoming very popular and are used in many different industries all around the world. Nieros produces the best warehouse management systems, that can be applied in many different industries worldwide and have many advantages. First of all, they are all designed from high quality materials, such as stainless steel, which ensures long life span and easy maintenance. They are user-friendly and ergonomic in design, facilitating work tasks of all our employees to increase productivity. Since the storage area is carefully planned and well organized employing only the highest technology, they are easy to clean, which surely significantly improves hygiene conditions of our production area. The configuration of system is flexible and can be designed to specific client needs. Furthermore, with their warehouse solutions, our space utilization and storage management will be economical and inventory control simple and accurate.

Nieros warehouse systems offer complete solutions to every storage need. Experts employed by the company have designed products and systems for storage which provide improvement of our production lines or distribution center procedures. Their systems enable quick and simple storing of full or void Euro crates, plastic containers, Euro-pallets, boxes and other items. Stored in their automated warehouse systems, these items can be easily accessible.

Their warehouses use FIFO principle, which means first in, first out so the best product quality is ensured. They exploit our warehouse space to the maximum. Choosing between gravitational, pick and place and fully automated system depends primarily upon our storage capacity, facility, space available, and the type of products to be stored.

Nieros covers our warehouse project at all production stages. They are aware of the importance of a rational and economical use of space and time, this is why their experts and fully customized warehouse solutions will help us organize and utilize our storage space in a way every item stored will be easily traceable and quickly accessible at any given time. Furthermore, all of their automated warehouse systems are equipped with effective traceability system which makes finding items around the warehouse system even easier and faster. Their warehouse system solutions are user friendly and time and cost efficient. Also, all of their systems can be fully integrated with other Nieros logistics solutions.

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The choice of different warehouse solutions

We can decide among warehouse systems of various sizes and materials that feature partial or full automatization. Based on our storage requirements, facilities and resources, we can pick between manual operation, automatic charging and manual removal, manual charging and automatic removal, or automatic charging and automatic removal.

We can also choose between different types of systems. For example racking systems, that ensure easy and quick order picking and will save us some valuable space on the floor. With them we will be able to enter and pick up items with forklift.

Warehouse systems

Automatic warehouse

Nieros fully automated warehouse is an excellent solution for production areas with substantial storage needs. It has multiple entry and exit points that are fully monitored by RFID destination tracking and it features simple and accurate order picking following the principles of FIFO inventory management. The system also provides easy product traceability as well as effective, quick and accurate stock control. Robust and compact stainless steel rack construction ensures maximum space utilization and easy maintenance. Their experts will gladly help you design and implement the optimal solution for your automated warehouse process, tailored to your expectations and production need.

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