Hand wash basins we produce have quality surface and easy operation

industrial small wash hand basinsHand wash basin is highly used hygiene equipment in any industrial facility. We manufacture stainless steel wash hand basins which feature easy maintainable surfaces, and therefore guarantee continuous activity with minimal microbiological infection risk. Our hygiene equipment range includes compact, small wash basins that have many water flow options. Water flow activation itself can be activated two-ways, either by physically pushing the activation valve or by activating the proximity sensor. All of our hand wash basins feature water flow time and temperature regulation. We offer two basic types of industrial hand wash basins: the classical appearance wall mounted small wash basin and the integrated backsplash board model, which can be mounted on a pedestal for greater stability. Exapmle of a stainless steel hand wash basin.

How is the hand wash basin`s proximity sensor being supplied

The hand wash basin`s sensor is available in two executions: there is a 24V operated version, which stands for supplying of the internal electronics with 24V currency. Although a hand wash basin is connected to a standard 230V power supply, the components still operate at a lower voltage, thus resulting in better safety. You can also choose a 9V battery operation, which enables smaller hand wash basin power consumption. This way there is no potential trouble with the wiring, and you can simply place your basin anywhere where the water is available.

stainless steel wash hand basin

Is small wash basin connectable to other hygiene equipment units?

The BW2 hand wash basin type can be especially handy when joined by additional equipment. We offer an option of factory installed accessories such as paper towel holders, paper baskets, knife sterilizers and dispensers, which greatly enhances the possibilities of your small wash basin. This way you can have a small all-in-one hygiene hadn wash station unit, where most of hygiene necessities will be in one place, always at your hand, and with our hand wash basin prices it will come out as a good investment. You can also place the basin next to the washing troughs, which will allow simple and effective hygiene wash basin operation.