Industrial washing equipment is vital for any production

Optimal hygiene in everyday life is absolutely important, even more so in all food-processing enterprises and other industries where precision is imperative. While at home we wash our laundry with commercial washing machines that are relatively easy to choose, when choosing the optimal washing machine for industry, high performance, efficiency and quality are of vital importance.

Industrial washing equipment and washing solutions by Neiros consist of fully comprehensive industrial washing machine range, which is the answer to a variety of businesses where superior washing performance and ultimate hygiene is expected, going hand in hand with user-friendly operation and low operating costs. With their industrial washers we can quickly and thoroughly clean and sanitize any dirty item. Its multipurpose or specialized machines are perfect for washing standardized items such as Euro stacking containers or plastic crates, trays, moulds, boxes, racks, Euro-pallets, baskets and Eurobins, while the fully customized machines meet clients’ specific needs and requirements. With all of that in mind, Nieros washing units are geared to the latest technology and available in many different versions. High-quality construction from stainless steel, coupled with additional safety and sustainable features, makes their industrial washing machines highly functional and durable, taking care of the environment through water recycling and efficient energy use, but also complying with various standards and certificates such as ISO 9001, IFS, HACCP and NFS.

Industrial washing equipment

Industrial washing systems

Nieros industrial washing systems can contain load carrier, crate, pallet, tray or box washers. Their systems can be automated and they save water, energy and cleaning agents, without making concessions to the cleaning itself. Their installations are also ergonomically designed and user-friendly. This kind of washing machines are a convenient solution for any business with diverse items to be washed, built as multipurpose appliances. They are available in tunnel or cabin version.

Nieros pallet Box and Bin washer CLK 800 not only washes and rinses, but also sanitizes Euro pallet boxes, stackable tanks, containers and 200 or 300 l Eurobins, to provide superior hygiene in any production area following strict hygiene procedures.

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Bin washer

Industrial bin washer is suitable for cleaning a wide variety of wheeled bins, Euro bins, tote bins, wheelie bins and pallet containers used in the food manufacturing industries. The machine is equipped with an automatic door turning device on which we place an item that is ready for cleaning. The settings of the washing and rinsing cycle are adjustable, depending on the degree of pollution. It can clean up to 40 bins per hour. The items can be loaded in the bin washing machine either manually or be placed in an automated line for further processing.

Industrial wash systems

Crate washer

While using crates, we always need enough clean ones to be available for our daily demand. After a quick and thorough cleaning that meets all the hygiene standards, they should be back in logistics and manufacturing, ready for use. Nieros offers ideal solutions for washing crates. We can choose between manually controlled or fully automatic crate washing machines, industrial washing machines for one type or different types, small or large crates. They can be lightly or heavily contaminated, can stand alone or fare fully integrated into our production system.

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Container washers

The company also offers the advantage of custom made washing system solutions. They can tailor our container washing, based on the type of containers we use and the quantity we want to wash, no matter if we only need to wash a few containers every day in a manually controlled container washer, or we need fully automated washing machines that are capable of washing higher volumes of containers per hour.