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Industrial washing machines for highest hygiene levels in production

In Nieros, we understand the importance of top quality industrial washing machine for the value of your products. That is why we have developed industrial cleaning machines which fulfil the highest standards of quality and still remain cost-effective. We offer industrial washing machines if several types, adapted to your working processes and facilities. The highest standards of hygiene are required in the food-processing industry and other branches demanding precision. We cater for your needs and guarantee the best possible results for your highest productivity. Our extensive washing machine and other range is efficient and precise, which saves your resources.

Industrial size washing machine

Industrial cleaning machines for varied uses in different sectors

No matter what your industry branch is, industrial cleaning machines from Nieros are top-level performers in terms of time, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Even if your items to clean are varied and diverse, we provide solutions that guarantee spotless cleaning. Our multipurpose industrial washing machines can be used to clean euro pallets, euro crates, euro bins, IBC containers and others. We provide them in cabin or tunnel option. Since we're a great supporter and advocate of sustainable development, we've equiped our washing machines with a system to reuse water, which reduces the quantity of fresh water used and the energy needed. We've also added double filtering to catch particles or dirt, as well as a device, which protects low water and prevents damages to the system if the water levels are low. Our industrial cleaning machines are sanitized at 85 °C, which guarantees the highest levels or hygiene protection, no matter your industry sector.

Choose among various dimensions of industrial size washing machines

The NIEROS® industrial washing machines vary in size and type, and can be used to wash any dirty item. We assure spotless cleaning of standardized items, but also offer customized solutions. Our industrial size washing machines can be adapted to your needs, but always meet the highest technology and user requirements. We hold customers' needs at the top of our priorities, while guaranteeing cost benefits and resource efficiency. Our dedication is proven by many certificats obtained in the course of the years, like ISO 9001, HACCP, NFS and IFS.

Industrial cleaning machines

Don't look any further for your crate washing machine or pallet washing machine

Euro pallets, euro bins and baskets, as well as euro crates, boxes, racks, trays and moulds can all be washed with our standardized industrial washing machines. We understand the complex needs of your production and the constraints of the modern market economy. The operation of machines is user-friendly and parameters are adjustable. Spray nozzles and water containers are accessible easily. We have included water recycling, which guarantees low expenses for maintenance and operation. Our machines are easy to manage and clean. Their lifespan is long due to the high quality of the components.

Trust the company, which has managed to grow from the pre-industrial plant through years of tradition and experience. Today we are a market leader for systems ensuring hygiene and logistical processes in industrial plants all over the world. Our expertize is sought and cherished by thousands of satisfied clients and proven by excellent and constant results. We swear by innovation and always develop our products with the client in mind. If you cannot find a suitable solution for your needs among our offer, we'll happily provide a customized answer. Check our website or contact us for more information!

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