Optimal hygiene station: Hand and boot wash station

In many areas and professions hygiene station stands are very important, thus a hygiene station is a must-have in an environment that demands optimal personal hygiene. We have automatic hand disinfection units and vertical brushes for cleaning and sanitizing footwear, for even the smallest production lines. For example, the NIEROS® Hygiene Station URK is a single lane hygiene station. This model is appropriate for production lines with limited space, and it is very easy-to-use and very affordable. It allows from 10 to 15 persons to go through the entry point per minute. We also have many highly efficient dual-lane walk-through stations that double the access frequency from 20 to 30 persons per minute and it also allows two persons to use it simultaneously. Nonetheless, if you choose a model that includes both units, for hands and feet, or separately hand and boot wash station, we assure you that optimal hygiene will be guaranteed with our high-quality hygiene station stands.

Boot wash station

For proper disinfection: Boot wash station and hand wash station

We all realise how important proper hygiene is in life, not to mention in highly professional environments, such as hospitals for example, where it is highly critical if personal hygiene isn't taken care of properly. If you have a limited space, we would recommend having a hygiene station with both units, rather than separate footwear cleaning station and hand cleaning station. A correct assessment of all factors will help you to determine which Hygiene station would be best suited for your work environment. Our company offers a variety of boot wash stations and hand wash stations, you can choose from, that enable quick and easy disinfection.

Hygiene station stand: Importance of foot and hand hygiene stations

Every hygiene station in our offer, whether it is a hand wash station or a boot wash station, adheres to basic standards of hygiene. We have to keep in mind. that with proper hygiene methods and continuous use, we can stop the spread of bacteria and viruses, that are health threatening. So to make your work environment a healthy environment, reach the best hygiene standards with one of our hygiene stations.

Hand wash stations and hygiene station stands for any production line

When we talk about good work hygiene, we often think of food production lines and hospitals. True, there are lives at stake if the work area there is compromised, but personnel hygiene is not limited to such workplaces. It is crucial in any work environment. Our hand cleaning solutions assure exquisite hand hygiene upon entering the workspace. NIEROS® hand wash stations were designed, with the intent to provide optimal hand hygiene and prevent contamination. At some workspaces, we can't afford to risk insufficient hand cleaning. That is why we developed hand wash stations with a turnstile-controlled passage which prevents staff with insufficiently clean hands to enter the work area. Hand wash stations such as NIEROS® Hand Hygiene Station model HDK ensure adequate hand cleaning. Models available can be used in any production area due to easy instalment. The hand hygiene station stand is high functioning, easy to use equipment with an automatic dosage of soap and sanitiser that can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Because the hygiene station is produced in-house, we can assure you it complies with the highest quality standards and requirements. The contamination risk when using any NIEROS® Hand Hygiene Station is minimal.

Hygiene station stand

Proper hygiene system and boot wash stations provide optimal hygiene

Our products are produced in-house, which allows for the customisation of our products and high-quality control. The NIEROS® hygiene station stands were developed to provide optimal hand and foot hygiene in production areas, where high hygiene standards are needed. The hygiene station stand is made out of high-quality stainless steel that is easy to maintain. While designing our product, we continually think of how can we facilitate the disinfection process. That is the reason our hygiene systems are easy to use, to change and to clean. The hygiene station stands we developed can be customised, accessorised to a specific production line. Hygiene systems vary a bit depending on their features. Their features include rubber protectors for illuminated sanitisation chamber, turnstiles made entirely of stainless steel and automatic dosage of a sanitising agent with stainless steel nozzles. The hygiene systems are height adjustable and fully digitally operated. That means they can connect to personal card readers or a centralised chemical supply. As an addition to the hand wash station, boot wash stations are a great way to assure high hygienic standards in the production line. Fast and efficient cleaning of footwear at the entry and exit door will prevent bacteria and filth intake with minimum energy consumption.