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Warehouse storage solutions for successful business

Warehouse storage solutions are extremely important for continuous work flow, good overview over the items, goods and materials, for clean and organized facility and worker’s safety. When it comes to storage and warehousing it’s hard to imagine an industry without practical industrial storage solutions. They simplify work processes, enable quick and easy storage of crates, pallets, boxes, cartons and other cargo, help maintain order and facilitate inventory control. Therefore, the different warehouse storage solutions truly represent one of the key points for any successful business.

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Different types warehouse storage solutions

There are five main types of industrial or warehouse storage solutions with very particular applications. Which one to choose depends on the size and layout of the warehouse and on the size, weight and type of stored items.

Main warehouse storage solutions are:

  • pallet racking: pallets are the most common components of storage and movement in industry. Pallet racking as a part of industrial storage system must meet certain demands, such as simple access/movement, it needs to hold enough weight, must be stable and space efficient. Some pallet racking types are Carton Flow Racking/Carton Live Storage, Coil Racking, Double Deep Racking, Drive-In Racking, Drive-Through Racking, High-Bay Racking, Mobile Racking, Narrow Aisle Racking, Vertical Racking etc.,
  • shelving: this industrial storage solution means that we put stock on static shelves instead on mobile pallets. The items can’t be retrieved with a forklift, but enable quick and easy access with a ladder. Shelving is a perfect warehouse storage solution for smaller items, which are not too heavy and require manual handling, such as clothing, agricultural produce, machine components, small items etc. Two main types of shelves are Short Span Shelving for smaller items and Long Span Shelving for bigger ones,
  • mobile shelving uses storage shelves equipped with a traction system, therefore it often serves for archiving and data storage. When access is not needed, we can archive items in back areas and pack them closely together. As such this warehouse storage solution is a good choice for smaller industries with not a lot of space,
  • multi-tier racking: is a perfect industrial storage system for big warehouses with a lot of vertical space. They have different tiers which can reach almost as high as you want them to, and the items can be retrieved manually,
  • mezzanine flooring is a practical industrial storage solution if you need a lot of storage space. It’s constructed of several levels and provides a lot of shelving space and working areas. It’s design varies according to the industry’s needs and most companies, that provide warehouse storage solutions, can usually assist you in the complete process - from planning and designing to installing mezzanine systems.

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If you’re not sure, which warehouse storage solution will best suit your needs, you can consult experts at Nieros.

How you benefit from industrial storage solutions

Industrial storage solutions have many benefits, beyond what we have mentioned so far. Benefits include efficient shelving, automated storage system, automated retrieval systems, warehouse storage solution include lockers for personnel, solutions for boxes, pallets etc. With an efficient automated storage system you will not only utilize and organize your storage space, but also make all items easily traceable and accessible whenever you need it. You can guarantee the best quality of your products by incorporating “first-in, first-out” principle. An effective and tailored warehouse storage solution furthermore enables:

  • best usage of given space,
  • time-costs optimization,
  • good traceability,
  • easier inventory control,
  • quick reaction to customer’s demands,
  • economic efficiency,
  • low maintenance,
  • low operating costs,
  • adaptability to client’s specific needs.

Why chose Nieros storage and warehousing solutions?

There are many companies, which offer warehouse storage solutions, but it’s good to choose the one, which will be able to offer industrial storage systems for your specific needs and will be able to adjust their solutions to your requirements. Nieros is such a company. We offer manual or automated storage systems, which are user-friendly, have ergonomic design, help you increase your productivity and ease work tasks. All our solutions incorporate state-of-the-art technology and help you create carefully planned and well organized space. Additionally they are easy to clean and thus perfect even for industry, where impeccable hygiene conditions are a necessity.