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Crate washer machine makes industrial washing much easier

The term “crate” applies to a large shipping container, often made of wood, plastic, sometimes aluminium or steel. However when used alone, the word often implies to a crate constructed in wood. Typically, they are used for transporting or storing large, heavy items. We also know specialized crates, designed for specific products, such as the bottle crates for milk and soft drink etc.Crate Washer CLT

The crates used for carrying vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, seafood etc., have to be properly cleaned and dried to prevent spreading and contamination of the viruses, bacteria and germs. Nieros crate washer machines allow thorough cleansing and drying of crates, pallets and other standardized items, tools (such as knives) and many more. Some of them are even item-specific, therefore you can choose the ones that perfectly suit your needs.

If you happen to be a regular crate user with the demand of a quick and thorough cleaning that covers all your hygiene standards, after which the crates will be back in logistics and manufacturing, ready for use in no time, Nieros is surely the right choice. All their industrial washing equipment is technologically highly advanced, it features adjustable nozzles, sideguards and hold-down attachments to accommodate a wide range of products and deliver superior cleaning results. A variety of options and additional equipment is available with each model, their industrial crate washers are developed for superb rinsing and washing of Euro stacking crates and containers with similar dimensions. They are also suitable for Euro-pallets, trays and utensil baskets and offer various models with the capacity of washing up to 3000 crates per hour. Because of their smooth surface and chemically resistant chain from stainless steel, all of them are also very simple to maintain.

Their Crate Washer CLT consists of washing and rinsing zone, and fits the category of tunnel washing machines. It is suitable for Euro stacking containers and crates of similar dimensions, trays, utensil baskets, Euro-pallets and has a washing capacity of up to 3000 items per hour (depending on the model). The company developed a new advanced water recycling system, which effectively reduces its water consumption by reusing fresh rinse water in other cleaning phases. As a result, it consumes much less freshwater and poses a very economical choice of washing equipment.  Its low water level protection protects the machine in case of low water level in the system, preventing damage to the pump and heating elements that could appear in case of water isufficiency. And the last, but not the least, its double filtering system prolongs the pump’s lifespan by ensuring that the double-filtered water that flows through the pump contains no dirt particles.

Drying tunnel for crates

Drying tunnels are liquid blow-off industrial washing tunnels, designed for removing the remnants of water, after the washing process is finished.

Pallet Box and Stacking Container Washing Machine

Nieros IBC Drying Tunnel ABT IBC is designed and developed to completely dry any metal item (for example stainless steel IBCs, euro bins, crates and other items) after a thorough wash.

The machine utilises accelerated air, that by blowing through a sophisticated air-nozzle system, effectively removes residual water from the items. For best results, they should be rinsed with hot water at a temperature of approximately 85 °C beforehand.

Depending on the model, the drying tunnel can accommodate up to 50 items per hour. The drying objects can have maximum dimensions of 1380 x 1160 x 1680 mm per item.

As a modular unit, IBC Drying Tunnel ABT IBC can be integrated into one of the comprehensive Nieros washing systems or work independently as a separate unit.