Industrial washing machines from leading suppliers

Industrial washing machines are a must have especially in food processing industry, but not only that, also in many other different industries, where high standard of hygiene is demanded.

At Nieros, we are offering you effective and practical industrial washing machines. All of the machines we offer, are in compliance with the highest quality requirements and standards such as CE, HACCP, IFS and NSF. When choosing industrial washing machine and dryer, high efficiency, practicality and durability are of a vital importance.

Industrial washing machines are user-friendly and very effective

Do you need a superior washing performance in your industry? Nieros industrial washing machines are the answer to your question. Advanced technology and high quality built-in parts offer high efficiency and durability of industrial washing machines. In addition, industrial washing machines are user friendly, and also eco-friendly, due to water recycling option they contain. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance of industrial washing machines is extremely easy.

Large industrial washing machineIndustrial washing machine Nieros
Best industrial washing machines and dryers to meet the required hygiene standard

One can order industrial washing machines standardized for common items or fully customized to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements. Choose between small and large industrial washing machines that will perfectly fit the needs of your business.

Find more details about industrial washing machines at or web site. We are also offering solutions in hygiene monitoring and logistic. In case of any further question please do not hesitate to contact us, our stuff will be happy to help you find the best industrial washing machine for your industry and will help you with many different advices when in search for other solutions too.

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