A superior crate washer machine for any industry

Especially in the food processing industry, excellent hygiene standards have to be met and maintained. The crates used for carrying meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, seafood etc. have to be thoroughly cleaned and dried to prevent contamination and spreading of the viruses, germs and bacteria. Therefore, not only the personnel hygiene is important, but also the equipment hygiene. If you are looking for a cdrying tunnel for crates, do not settle for less than a powerful, accurate and efficient machine.

The Nieros crate washer machines allow not only the thorough cleansing and drying of crates, pallets and other standardized items, but also other tools, such as knives and many more. Some of their washing machines are item-specific, therefore the client can choose what really suits him best. These efficient washers are equipped with the most advanced technology and high-quality materials possible. They come in various specific models. They help you minimize the energy and water consumption, which results in lower running costs for the company.

When developing their machinery, at Nieros they always make sure that all the required international quality standards are met. Their machines offer an extremely comprehensive functionality for a total cleaning process. They are user-friendly and can be easily operated, accessed and maintained.

A fast and reliable crate washer machine

Nieros industrial washers are made for thorough rinsing and washing of Euro stacking crates and containers with similar dimensions. They are also applicable for Euro-pallets, trays and utensil baskets. The machine consists of two zones; after rinsing, which takes place in the first zone, the material enters a tunnel washing machine. There are various models of crate washing machines that have the capacity of washing up to 3000 crates per hour.

The Nieros products are very simple to maintain; because they have a smooth surface and feature a chemically resistant stainless steel-made chain, they can be easily cleaned and taken care of. One of the Nieros models has mobile wheels, which allow you to transport the machine through the facility, right to the spot where you need it.

washing machine for crates

A customizable crate washer that meets your needs

The Nieros industrial washing equipment can be fully customized and adjusted in accordance with the customer’s needs. Both washing and rinsing parameters can be modified. The same goes for the washing machine, hold-down attachments, nozzles, sideguards and the height of the machine. Also, the machine can be completely adapted to local electrical standards. The Nieros experts offer the customer professional advice in terms which adjustments will work best for their specific industrial needs. Even after implementing the crate washing machine, the Nieros team remains in touch for advice and solutions.

Washers with drying tunnels – everything you need combined into one

The Nieros crate washer machine is truly economical and helps you save a lot of money. The water is electrically heated and the detergent is dispensed automatically. The system collects and recycles the fresh rinse water, so it can be used at other cleaning stages, such as pre-washing or cleaning stage. As a result, a lot less fresh water is used. Also, the water pump durability is lengthened by the double filtering system which makes sure there are no impurities in the water flowing through the pump.

Another feature of the washing machine for crates is low water level protection. In the event of deficient water level, the pump and drying tunnel of the machine could be damaged. To prevent this scenario from happening, the Nieros crate washers use this kind of protection.