Material handling equipment represents a solution for lifting cargo

Material handling equipment represent complete solutions for tipping, tilting, transporting cargo of various weight and sizes. Because they allow economical management and humanization of work process, they are suitable for use in various industries such as food processing, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical. Material handling equipment, warehouse systems, food processing lines, transport systems are logistic solutions which manage your internal production process in economic way. They help with managing, simplifying production operations, boost productivity, prevent workplace injuries. Material from which devices are made is stainless steel. It's very strong, durable, easy cleaning, long lasting. Industrial lifting equipment designed to lift various loads can reach up to 6 meters for further stacking, retrieving, tilting, dosing. There are two types of lifts. Electric single lifter is designed so that it can handle bins, dosing, emptying barrels, containers. For handling barrels, packages, boxes pneumatic, single lifter can be used. It's designed so it can operate in areas with flammability hazard. Because lifter does not have any electronic components there's no risk of sparks. Intralogistic and material handling processes like transport, food cutting, storage, ensure optimized material flow which are in compliance with hygiene standards IFS, NSH, HACCP. Benefits of material handling equipment are: safer, easier working conditions, low risk injury, reduced labour costs, increased productivity and workflow. Because they are produced in the house, they can be fully customized solutions to meet every client need.

Industrial material handling equipment

Material handling equipment is transporting material within production area

Transport equipment is essential in different production areas, with need of lowering physical demands of manual work. That way smooth workflow is created, yet it still complies with high hygienic standards IFS, NSF, HACCP. Transport equipment can be manually or battery operated. It's used for handling boxes, containers, pallets plus many more. It's made for lifting cargo to desired working height and for secure short distance transport of light or heavy loads within different production areas. Hand pallet truck is very efficient solution because of it's ergonomic lightweight design, which is producing minimal friction or noise. All characteristic makes it perfect for any warehouse, production plant, store. Our transport devices are made from stainless steel therefore they are strong, sturdy, easy to clean, safe, user friendly.

We produce material handling and hygiene equipment to wash crates, pallets, boxes

Our industrial hygiene equipment is produced so that achieves the best sanitation practices within different industries. It's primarily used within food processing industry, where contamination risk represents great danger. Sanitation has to comply with strict standards IFS, NSF, HACCP. Equipment is made from stainless steel therefore it's strong with superior longevity. It's highly efficient, cost effective, time effective, sustainable, user friendly, easy to maintain. Industrial washing equipment guarantees optimal sanitation which is important to many industries, but it's especially important in food processing industry. With our machines, any item should be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. We offer specialized and multipurpose machines, for standardized item like boxes, pallets, crates, baskets, bins and much more.

Industrial transport equipment

Our material handling equipment which can be fully customized is sold in 30 countries

Our company was founded in 1773, when it was just a small local plant. Over the years our company grew into a global company with representatives across 30 different countries. With more than 240 years in business, we became very persistent, which helps us so that we can solve difficult technological challenges. We produce high quality heavy duty sanitation, washing, essential equipment, logistic solutions which are also material handling equipment. Beside designing and producing various products, we also offer customer service with support. Our products can be fully customized, they are produced in the house. We aim to understand needs of our customers, so that we can manufacture a product with long life span, which will suit all their requirements and needs.