Warehouse systems for different industries from a leading supplier

Warehouse systems are used more and more often now a days. Warehouse storage systems are used in many different industries all around the world. Therefore, in Nieros we are producing best warehouse management system, that can be used in many different industries worldwide. You can choose from different types of warehouse systems that can be either manually or automatically operated. Warehouse systems produced by Nieros have many advantages. First of all, all of our warehouse systems are made from high quality materials, such as stainless steel, which ensures long life span of warehouse systems and easy maintenance. Furthermore, space utilization is maximal with our warehouse storage systems. Additionally, storage management is economical and inventory control is simple and accurate.

warehouse systems


Choose from automated warehouse systems or manually operated storage systems

You can choose from manually operated to automated warehouse systems. Based on your storage requirements, facilities and resources, you can select between the following modes of operation:

  • manual operation,
  • automatic charging and manual removal,
  • manual charging and automatic removal, or
  • automatic charging and automatic removal.

Warehouse systems contain traceability system with which items can be easily found

Is finding items in your warehouse difficult? Not anymore! All of our automated warehouse systems are equipped with effective traceability system which makes finding items around the warehouse system even easier and faster. Additionally, our warehouse system solutions are user friendly and time and cost efficient. But not only that, every warehouse system is also fully integrated with other Nieros logistics solutions.

You can save space with racking system for warehouse

You can choose between different types of warehouse systems. There are racking systems for warehouse available that ensure easy and quick order picking. Furthermore, racking systems for warehouse will save valuable space on the floor. You will also be able to enter and pick up items with forklift, which will make your work even more efficient. All of our best warehouse management system are in compliance with the highest standards, demanded all around the world. Additionally, due to easy cleaning and maintenance, you will be able to ensure high hygiene standard, demanded in your industry.

warehouse system

There are not only warehouse systems available but also hygiene system solutions

But in Nieros, we are not only offering warehouse system solutions but also hygiene systems solutions. Take a look at our we site and choose from many different hygiene stations that will ensure high hygiene standard in your industry. All of our hygiene products are made from durable materials that ensure long life span of the machines. Furthermore, cleaning machines are user friendly and very adoptable. Cleaning machines too are in compliance with the highest standards demanded all around the world; such as HACCP, IFS and NSF. You can choose from different types of cleaning machines,; such as hand cleaning machine, tool steriliser, boot cleaning machine and even changing room equipment. Last but not least, hygiene system solutions are time and cost efficient. Take a look at our web site and choose from a variety of different products we prepared for you. In case of any further questions about warehouse system solutions or any other type of product please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information. And remember - for us, client always comes first, so if have any special requests, there will be no problem, we will adopt warehouse system solutions or hygiene system solution exactly to you needs.