Sterilisers for maintaining high hygiene level at your company

Sterilisers are commonly used in a variety of different industries - from food processing industry, to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. In Nieros, we produce sterilisers that are made from quality components and built-in parts and are consequently very long lasting. In addition, all types of sterilisers are user friendly and assure quick and firm sterilisation of working equipment and personnel. There are different types of sterilisers available. You can choose from hand sterilizer and shoe sterilizer to tool sterilizer; such as knife sterilizer. Working with steriliser, produced by Nieros is easy and quick as well as very efficient.


With sterilisers produced by Nieros, minimal contamination risk is assured

All sterilisers assure minimal contamination risk in the food-processing industry. In addition, every single product is in compliance with the highest quality requirements and standards, such as HACCP, IFS and NSF and consequently provide fully comprehensive hygiene solution that perfectly fit the needs of your business process. Hand and shoe sterilizer as well as tool sterilizer are produce in-house, which assures high quality of machines and long life span of sterilisers.


Benefits of using shoe and hand sterilizers in your company

Shoe sterilizers are equipped with horizontal brushes which are activated with a push of a button. In addition, shoe cleaner has vertical brushes that clean the sides of shoes for higher hygiene standard. Hand sanitizer can be used for hand sanitizing or for hand washing and even as a combines both. Take a look at our web site and choose the right steriliser station for the needs of your industry. In case of any further questions about sterilisers please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide additional information.


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