Hygiene stations bring flawless control passage of the workforce

Hygiene station is standard factory equipment, which helps to maintain the required hygiene levels in technological working process. Placing the hygiene station at the entrance of the working environment is most common and effective way for personnel to satisfy hygiene standards. Standard stations contain different integrated units, and the main part is usually hand disinfection chamber. Disinfection of footwear is done on a walk-through hygiene station stand. Both all purpose hygiene stations and specialized hand hygiene stations may include turnstiles, which allow entrance in the production area once disinfection is completed. Our top quality stainless-steel cases will prevent any chemical leaking, and the entire process can be controlled digitally on a LCD display.

hygiene station for hand washing solutions

We have an excellent choice of stand-alone hand hygiene stations

In our range of cleaning and disinfecting hygiene stations we also feature hand hygiene stations, which can work completely separately. They can be either wall or floor mounted, allowing for quick but efficient hand disinfection. Our automatic hand washer works great as small self standing unit but can also be combined with other hygiene controllers, and hand disinfectors come as mini portable units with optional turnstiles. We have come up with an all-in-one hand hygiene solution, which covers the key points of cleaning/disinfection process: this compact hand hygiene station features automatic hand soaping and hand washing function, which is followed by intensive drying of hands in a separate chamber.

hand hygiene stations for production workers

What are the other novelties in our hygiene equipment range

If you`re not into massive factory production, or if you wish to spread several hygiene controlling units across your facility, you might want to consider compact hygiene controllers. They are small sized and therefore especially good for smaller spaces, but otherwise identical to bigger hygiene station models. Besides specialized hand hygiene stations, there are also compact stand-alone boot cleaners and walk-through units at your disposal. We offer diverse washroom hygiene products, from washing throughs to paper holders. If you need any advice regarding the choice of hygiene station, do not hesitate to consult with our experts.