Hand sanitizer station – automatic hand washer for the food industry

We live in a time when hand hygiene is an absolute priority to ensure health from infectious diseases. The Nieros products have been designed with one purpose in mind – that employees in the industry have clean and disinfected hands at all times. This will greatly reduce the risk of disease transmission among workers.

Hand sanitizer station

Hand hygiene is even more important in the food-processing industry. Nieros has developed a state-of-the-art hand sanitizer station, which is a highly functional, advanced and user-friendly device. It has been designed specifically for the food industry in order to minimize the risk of food contamination. Their hand sanitizer station offers a complete solution that will ensure a higher level of hygiene in all areas of work of the client. The device is manufactured in accordance with all the strictest standards and requirements such as IFS, HACCP and NSF. Nieros hand sanitizer station is designed for fast and efficient hand disinfection that takes place at the entrance to the production hall. The worker can simply wash his hands on it, disinfect them or do both at once.

How does the stainless steel hand sanitizer station work?

The hand sanitizer station is designed to be used alone or in combination with another Nieros hygiene station or turnstile. Firstly, the hands of the personnel are soaped and properly rinsed under running water. The sanitizer and soap are distributed from a unit located in the automatic hand washer, with added hand washing capacity. There is also an incorporated locker where the hand cleanser is stored. The hand soap or sanitizer are dosed automatically. The sanitization chamber is lighted and has a rubber border protection. After the soaping and rising, the hands are dried and disinfected – in this step, bacteria, viruses and germs are eliminated. Then, the personnel walk through the turnstile passage which allows them proceed into the production area only if their hands are thoroughly sanitized. The turnstiles and nozzles are made exclusively of stainless steel. The Nieros automatic hand washer is designed hygienically and has a smooth exterior. Moreover, all the required steps are very simple and easy to follow.

Hand hygiene and sanitizer stations – for an effective hand hygiene

Nieros offers many solutions related to hand washing and hygiene, including hand sanitizer station, hand hygiene control, hand-washing accessories, washbasins, and hand dryers. The Nieros hygiene stations are made for cleansing both hands and footwear. They consist of hand sanitizer units, a walk-through brush cleaner for footwear and a turnstile control unit. The Nieros hand sanitizer station is user-friendly, extremely effective, cost-efficient and easily managed. All their hand hygiene stations are made to ensure the maximum personnel hygiene standards. The placement of the Nieros equipment at all the entrances and exits of the production hall ensures that the workers will have washed and sanitized hands throughout the whole process, which is extremely important particularly in the food or pharmaceutical industry. The Nieros automatic hand washers, dryers and other equipment can be operated by sensor or knee. They can be mounted on walls, floors or self-standing. Their superior quality and ergonomic design guarantee high hygienic standards of the industrial process. The majority of their products are designed to work altogether, therefore many different functions can be combined.

Hand hygiene stationsHygiene station – hygiene control, washbasins, accessories and dryers

The Nieros hand hygiene control solutions guarantee a superior cleansing and disinfection, in accordance with the highest hygiene standards. There are various models of the automatic hand washing stations available. Their goal is to quickly and easily achieve the disinfection of hands before accessing the production area. The Nieros washbasins are designed for a thorough handwashing and achieving the best hygiene possible. The customer can choose between washbasins with many different functionalities and accessories. Wall- or floor-mounted, they come in various sizes that fit the number of workers in the facility. The Nieros hand hygiene stations can be united with a large variety of accessories made of high-quality stainless steel, such as waste baskets, agent or paper towel dispensers, paper roll holders, waste baskets, and waste sack holders. These accessories are made to increase the hygiene effectiveness and achieve an even better usability of the product. Nieros also offers quality and environmentally friendly hand dryers. These dryers are capable of fully drying a pair of hands in as little as twelve seconds. Therefore, the workflow will not be affected even at times when a lot of personnel is working at the same time.

Nieros is a world-renowned manufacturer of advanced stainless steel machinery. Many industrial plants around the world trust Nieros and recognize the superior quality of its services. The main goal of the company is the satisfaction of their customers. They stay in touch with their clients and offer them the necessary support even long after the purchase. Nieros is a reliable business partner that is present in more than thirty countries around the world. Their high-quality solutions are used in many industrial plants worldwide.