Nieros hand washing machine solutions for hygiene and speed

Our hand washing machines ensure ideally clean hands of personnel in production lines of all branches after entering the production space. Top-level hand washing and bacterial removal is at the core of our hand washing machines, which come in different models and sizes. They all share the same maxim: allowing you and your staff the ease of mind at knowing that you meet the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS, NSF and other similar establishments. NIEROS® hand washing machines are structured in a way which allows for an optimal use of resources while absolutely ensuring all compliance with rules and regulations on hand cleaning. Our extensive experience and knowledge pool guarantee that your demands are met, we are ready to customize our models to meet your needs.

industrial washer and dryer

Industrial washer and dryer selection complements the production line

With NIEROS® industrial washer and dryer line the hand washing machine solutions are given even more value. You can now build overarching compact and effective hygiene lines for staff before entering the production area of your company. Our industrial and dryer selection features an extensive variety of premium-quality steel hand washing machine stations and additions, from hand sanitizers and washbasins to hand dryers. They are made from stainless steel and are either self-standing, floor- based or mounted, and operate from the sensor or the knee.  Our hand cleaning products guarantee an added-value to mechanical hand washing and sanitization, successfully meeting the hygiene benchmarks of HACCP, IFS and NSF. The cleaning procedure as based on our hygiene solutions includes exhaustive soaping, washing under running water, and hand disinfection as the last phase.

Our hand washing station comes with an integrated boots washing machine

NIEROS® hand washing stations and drying machines are ergonomically designed to guarantee appropriate practices and procedures, which not only benefit the company, but respect the staff. Always bearing in mind the human dimension, we are a specialist for hand washing machines, which have an integrated boots washing machine. Our stations  are multi-functional, featuring a  programmed dosing gadget, which permits to purify and wash hands thoroughly and effortlessly. Mechanical hand-cleaning stations and washbasins provide in-depth cleaning and sanitization, which is inevitable for any food processing or chemical industry.

automatic hand washer

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Automatic hand washers increase productivity and raise hygiene levels, while ensuring a consistently high quality level throughout long timespans.  All hand cleaning begins with robust soaping, which is upgraded by an intensive wash under running water. Subsequent to drying one's hands, hand sterilization happens, combating hand germs and microscopic organisms. With NIEROS® hand washing machines, the procedure is all well arranged and controlled. This guides the work force to execute all necessary pre-production phases, and enter the sterile production area through a gate controlled section. You can find more elaborate information and visual representation at our website. Contact us with your particular problem and we will be happy to propose a personalized solution. Focused on innovation and service minded, we are a market leader in this part of Europe.