Cleaning apron uniform with automated cleaning machine

Apron cleaning machine is designed for optimal and efficiant cleaning of aprons uniforms. It is made of stainless steal so it is very strong and durable. Machine has two horizontal rotating cleaning brushes. Rotating brushes are activated with activation sensores when person aproches the machine. The apron uniform cleaning machine has an effective dispersion system with adjustable dosage device for detergent. The system sprays detergent and water over two rotating brushes. For safety measures the rail is placed on top of machine to prevent accidents. Maintaining and cleaning of apron washer is not complicated, no tools are required for changing brushes.

Apron washing cabine for manual washing of uniforms

Apron and boot washing cabine is designed for manual washing of aprons uniforms, boots and other small objects. Washing cabin is made of stainless steal, it has two side screens to prevent splashing, a built in wash tub and a grate. Cabine can be upright or it can be fastened to a wall. Washing cabine is produced in three versions. Cleaning cabin for one apron uniform, cabin for one apron uniform with automatic boot sole cleaner and washing cabine for two aprons uniforms. Aprons uniforms are held in place with four hooks. Aprons uniforms are washed manualy with handheld brush which is connected to a water valve. Brushes that are used for cleaning aprons uniforms and boots can be connected separately.

How to wash aprons withwith our cleaning machine and cleaning cabine

Aprons uniforms are used in all kind of industry. They are meant to protect persons clothes and skin while working with different substances and products. Aprons uniforms are made out of different materials. If they are reusable, they can be washed. Our apron uniform cleaning machine and cleaning cabine guaranty your uniforms will be washed effectively and thoroughly.

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