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glove dryersBoot and glove electric dryer for dry every day working equipment

When boots and gloves are constantly wet for a longer period of time bacteria starts to grow inside of them. This is the main reason boots and gloves have to be dry as soon as possible. The best and quickest way to dry boots and gloves are drying racks which are designed specifically for this purpose. The most efficient are hot air dryers for boots and gloves which operate on electric. Electric boot and glove dryers dry boots and gloves in very short period of time and keep boots and gloves nice and warm when you put them on. Glove, ski, shoe and boot electric dryers are perfect for ski resorts and for companies where boots and gloves are obligatory equipment.

Boot and glove dryer storage rack is our basic model

We produce three types of boot and glove dryers. First type is storage rack STT in stainless steel. Framework is made from 30 mm rectangular pipe, boot and glove holders are made of round pipes. Rack is made in two sizes and is designed to hold and dry 5-40 pairs of boots and gloves or 40-60 pairs of boots and gloves without electricity.

shoe and boot dryersBoot and glove electric dryers for quick drying and storage

Second type of boots and gloves dryer is electric dryer HSST. Air is lead into the electric fan and through an electric heater. Warm air is then blown through pipes into boots and gloves. Drying time of an electric dryer is adjustable. We also offer two additional options for this model of electric boot and glove dryer: ionizer and perfume dosing device. Third type is electric drying cabinet HST. This is an electric rack with hot air placed into a stainless steel cabinet. Electric cabinet has a sliding door and a slanting top so it is closed from all sides. Electric cabinet can hold up to 30 pairs of boot and gloves and can also be used as a storage.

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