Shoe disinfectant stations are best for use in bigger companies

best shoe disinfectant for workig footwearOur company produces all kind of shoe disinfectant stations and machines. When maximum hygiene for shoes is required our equipment guaranties best results. Our stations are best placed between production area and other areas in factories. Cleaning stations offer the best simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of hands and entire shoes or just soles. Stations are best for use in harder industrial conditions and bigger companies.

Shoe disinfectant machines are suitable for smaller high risk hygiene areas

shoe sole disinfectantShoe disinfectant machines first clean your shoes and soles with brushes and then disinfect them. This is the best way to thoroughly clean shoes. Automatic walk through boot cleaner cleans boots and soles with minimum energy consumption. All machines have the best automatic dosing system for detergent and disinfection liquids. Different types of machines offer the best specific cleaning for all kinds of footwear. We produce the best disinfectant for boots, low boots, shoes, clogs. For smaller high risk hygiene areas we recommend sole cleaners. They mechanically clean the soles with detergent and disinfectant which are automatically added through a dosing system.

Shoe disinfectant basin is quick and efficient way to clean shoes

The basin is best positioned at the entrance of facilities so everyone who enters is forced to step into the basin and disinfect their shoes. It is a walk-through footwear disinfection basin with the best efficiency. The basin is covered with gridiron styled grate which is anti-slipping for safety reasons. The shoe disinfectant liquid level is above the gridiron styled grate. That is the best way the entire shoe sole is covered with disinfectant. This is the best way to quickly disinfect shoes. The basin is also equipped with water outlet. It is also possible to order a walk-through basin with overflow tube. Another option we offer is built in model of shoe disinfection basin that has a drip off zone for excess shoe disinfectant.


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