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Hygiene solutions guaranteeing an impeccable working environment

Hygiene solutions from Nieros are based on hundreds of years of tradition and experience. Our legacy goes back to the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, where our then factory was a leading actor in the industrial revolution. We are keeping the leading role and expanding on our offer by developing hygiene technologies, famous in countries all over the world. Our quality and service orientation have led to a high reputation that we are proud to hold among our clients and peers. Our hygiene solutions are comprehensive and up-to-date, always adapting to the specific circumstances and your needs.

Industrial hygiene equipment

Highest quality hygiene technologies are used in our industrial hygiene equipment

We guarantee a bacteria-free and spotless working environment, which is achieved through our hygiene systems, industrial hygiene equipment and hygiene  stations. Your production process will be examined thoroughly by our experts and we will advise you on the placing of those stations. The proposed hygiene solutions take into account the specificities of your situation and respond to your needs. We construct our cleaning machines in highest-quality stainless steel and vouch for their efficiency, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. By using our hygiene  technologies you keep your materials and equipment spotless and introduce proper hygiene practices for your personnel working in the production space.

More about industrial hygiene equipment

Nieros® hand hygiene stations for best possible hygiene  of personnel in production

We have developed hand hygiene stations for personnel, to be placed at the entry and exit areas of the production space. Members of personnel wash their hands with hand-washing accessories from our offer, thereby achieving the level of hygiene requested by the highest standards of several industry branches, notably the food processing industry. Our hygiene solutions for hand hygiene also include footwear cleaning, and consist of washbasins, Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers and products for hand hygiene control. A sanitization basin is included, featuring a brush cleaner, and a control system with turnstiles is added as well. Our top quality hand cleaning stations are made from premium stainless steel, which is also used for accessories and hand cleaners. The units are designed ergonomically and can stand alone or be mounted to the wall or floor. They can be operated by sensors or controlled from the knees. Mostly designed as modular hygiene solutions, they perform several functions in one unit.

Hand hygiene stations

Trust Nieros®, a leader among industrial hygiene equipment manufacturers

Nieros® hygiene solutions build on decades of experience and best practices. Our good name and reputation all over the world are a guarantee for a state-of-the art level of our products and services. We never compromise on your safety, comfort or results, thereby achieving an adequate balance of cost-effectiveness. Our products are leading the way in the sector, which is proven by many different awards and certificates that we've obtained. We always consider specific needs and requests of a particular client coming from a certain branch, thereby offering tailor-made and dedicated hygiene solutions. Our experts will also deliver advice and guidance, including you in all phases of the development process. Contact us for a personalized hygiene solution to your production process. Thousands of loyal clients from all over the world have benefitted from our expertize in hygiene technologies, we're ready to assist you with the highest dedication for your optimum results. You'll find all details of our hygiene solutions and high-level services on our website. We're always most happy to welcome you at the seat of our premises in the green region of Koroška, Slovenia, or connect with you through our partners or sales points. We guarantee you the highest hygiene standards on the most effective possible offer so contact us on-line, via phone or email for a dedicated quote.

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