Material handling is a key part of any industry

Material handling is an essential and integral part of any industry that is production oriented. In modern world, every industry strives for performance optimization and work simplification and has the need to rationalize production lines and thus increase productivity. Underlying requirement is  time-cost optimization and economical management of the entire production process. Material handling consists of the transportation of loads, products or goods, it involves protection of material and it also includes storage and control over it (warehouse systems). Material handling requires different kinds of equipment, devices and systems, depending on specific needs of each industry. Nieros follows these needs and offers solutions for clients' requirements.

Material handling equipment for optimized production process

Effective and economical management of the production process in made possible by using the right material handling equipment. The latter has to improve and fasten the production process and enable smooth material flow. It must be compliant with quality requirements and hygiene standards. Its design should be ergonomic to avoid or reduce workers' back injuries and to create a safe work environment. Our equipment is developed to serve many different industries in the global market – from food processing and cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical, to veterinary industry. It offers solutions for different activities in the production process: lifting, tipping and tilting, transportation.

Material handling equipment

Variety of material handling devices

Assortment of material handling equipment includes various devices. Lift systems are designed to lift load up to 6 metres high and turn it over to further treatment. These devices are mobile and equipped with different attachments to handle various types of materials. They have a double safety system installed. Tipping and tilting equipment is intended to dose, empty, clean and weigh material and achieve strict hygiene. Transportation equipment handles different-sized containers, boxes and pallets and provides safe transport between production facilities. It is easy to clean and user friendly.

Material handling conveyors for a fast production line

Transport of material has an important role in production process and we offer a wide range of transport systems. Material handling conveyors enable fluent and smooth movement of items along production line.

  • Transport system for Euro crates, boxes, Euro pallet boxes and IBC containers is designed for quick material flow and uses space economically by organizing conveyors in multiple levels.
  • Product transporters are widely used in food processing industry and are ergonomically designed for comfort and simplification of work.
  • Modular system enables combining, selecting and adjusting elements of the transport system to answer specific requirements of each industry. They include digital control system for excellent performance.

Material handling

Warehouse system as an automated material handling system

Material handling can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated, depending on particular demands of an industry. Warehouse systems, which enable storage of items and maintaining their order by making them traceable and accessible, are an example of such system; they can be operated manually or automatically, and they facilitate work tasks and are easy to use. Let us take a look at some of Nieros automated systems:

  • Fully automated systems, intended for storing full crates and pallets, include pick and place warehouse (robotized, suitable for small storage capacity) and fully automated warehouse (covers large storage needs).
  • Fully automated systems for storing empty crates are available in custom sizes and have a conveyor speed up to 25 metres per minute. They are digitally monitored and they display and print out all operational data.

These fully automated material handling systems have multiple entry and exit points and are monitored by RFID destination tracking.

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