Industrial meat processing systems are fully customized

Industrial meat processing equipment is made of stainless steel which ensures highest level of hygiene. All parts of work stations can be efficiently cleaned to minimize any kind of contamination risk. Raw materials in meat processing industry need to be handled with caution to comply with standards such as HACCP, IFS and NSF standards. All technological processes have to be time and cost-efficient because meat is a delicate merchandize which can easily go to waist. We are producing systems which provide smooth flow of material through minimal number of phases as possible and at the same time minimizing waste. Work stations and processing lines form processing systems which are suitable for meat, fish and seafood, poultry, fruit, vegetables, bakery and other material. Because we are meat processing equipment manufacturers, we can produce effective food processing solution for your business. For small-scale plant with small number of personnel and only few production phases or for complexed production plants with various phases and a lot of personnel, our experts will provide efficient technology for every company.

Industrial meat processing equipment is manufactured from stainless steel

Benefits of meat processing systems are: fast and effective service that is of vital importance when handling material which is highly liable to spoil, ergonomic design and work simplification for employees which have continual repetition of the same movements at industrial work stations, compliance of systems with hygiene standards like HACCP, NSF and IFS, easy maintenance and cleaning due to stainless steel construction, full customization which means that every industrial production system is developed in cooperation between our experts and clients.

meat processing technologymeat processing systems

Industrial meat processing solutions are very beneficial for various companies

All meat processing technology is built in our factory which means that all technology can be fully customized to conquer all industrial production challenges regarding productivity, time and space limitations. Modular system allows planning of simple and flexible production lines which are very cost and time-effective. When planning and designing new technological industrial production line, there is always collaboration between clients and Nieros experts. That way, our experts can best understand production specifics, challenges and needs of client. Only then, highly efficient industrial production line can be designed and produced. Our production technology is suitable for all companies with small or large capacities. There is no challenge to big or too small for us, we always find answers which satisfy both us and clients. We know all kind of industries so we are able to customize our technology for all production phases from delivery of material to production facilities to the packaging of final products.


Industrial processing of meat and other food has to be in compliance with standards

Work area is a central part of processing production where meat, poultry, fish and other edible materials are handled manually. Meat is sorted, cut, sliced, portioned and packaged systematically in a work area which consists single or multiple workstations. Ergonomic and safety principles have to be followed to achieve work simplification and better productivity of employees. Worktables can have many functions and are fitted with different tools which enable safe and effective processing. If worktables are needed for sorting of edible materials, we can produce them with desirable number of table holes in different sizes. When client needs knife holders on worktables, we can customize their position and desired height. Industrial worktables are made of high quality materials so they have long lifespan despite of everyday heavy use. They are exposed to intensive meat or other edible material cutting and other handling. Work areas also need transport conveyors and crates which can be arranged into multiple levels and they have to be placed at suitable height. To achieve optimal work flow, product quality and productivity, system needs to have possibility of speed selection and possibility to determine number of crates.