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Top quality warehouse racking systems available for your industry

Warehouse racking systems are a part of our comprehensive industrial warehouse solutions range. During the rich experience gathered in Slovenia and abroad, we have mastered the practice of building high-quality warehouse racking systems, including automated warehouse system. Clients from all over the world value our expertise and technical advances. Nieros warehouse racking systems are characterized by the fact that the control and administration is handled technology-based. This is necessary because large-scale warehouses are usually operated with dynamic storage systems and  increasingly, individual articles have no fixed place. Our warehouse racking systems take all characteristics of a storage space into account, including the dimensions of the articles and their weight to assure the optimization of the paths, while use of automated machines additionally supports warehousing and reduces personnel costs. During the many years of our activity we have developed best practices, product standards and obtained certificates vouching for our expertize. The highest reward is the satisfaction of our clients, however.

All our warehouse management systems are customizable for your business

Nieros warehouse management systems are adapted to help you reach your industry targets and goals in fulfilling the required storage function. Besides assuring the optimal use of the allocated storage space, the warehouse management systems must also perform well in terms of the security function. Our warehouse racking systems guarantee that your business and manufacturing facilities can be supplied continuously with the required materials. Since warehouse management systems also manage warehouse planning, they help you regulate planning of the business organization, the warehouse and transport technology, the storage units to be stored and the warehouse layout. Systematic storage planning can, among other things, significantly reduce storage costs. Furthermore, warehouse planning can help to increase the degree of mechanization and automation.

Find out all about our automated warehouse systems and storage racking systems

Nieros has developed user-friendly automated warehouse systems and intuitive storage racking systems, which are modular and adaptable to any size of warehouse. We invite you to contact us before deciding on the layout and location of your warehouse to find the optimal solution for you. When selecting warehouse locations, it should also be decided whether the warehouse is managed centrally or remotely. When deciding on the degree of centralization, the spatial aspect is often most important. Central storage means the spatial combination of all warehousing functions under a single line. This can have lower inventories and lower space costs. In decentralized warehousing, the main advantages include higher flexibility, the more precise positioning of individual materials in the production areas and shorter transport routes.

We recommend you our automated material handling systems

Nieros automated material handling systems are especially suitable for dynamic warehouse allocation. Under this open warehouse system the articles are allocated at a free storage location. One advantage of this method is that the same material can be taken from several storage lanes. You can also choose the fixed allocation, which provides fixed bins for each item. The advantages include higher predictability but can result in a poor utilization of storage capacity. Nevertheless, we advise you to consult our experts and find the best possible storage solution for your business needs. All our solutions are described at our website where you can find all technical details and further information. Nevertheless, we invite you to contact us per telephone, email or in person at one of our sales points. We will make sure to find the optimal personalized solution for your needs. Don't leave storage and logistics to chance, make sure that you have the best expert advice. Trust your needs to Nieros, where solutions are developed with tradition and innovation going hand in hand.