Logistics management system from Nieros for all branches and needs

Logistics management systems that we have designed are compact, connected and flexible. You can add and remove components and structures easily. We help you organise your space and your internal production procedures economically and intuitively. We can simplify your production process and help you minimize losses and injuries in transport, food production, material handling or warehouses. We cover the whole intralogistics and all devices for material handling, which includes food cutting, picking orders, storing and labelling. The standards for manipulating delicate goods, like ISO, HACCP, IFS and others, are thoroughly respected.

Warehouse management solutions

Logistics and warehousing solutions which are flexible and modular

Our warehouse systems are developed for complete storage and order handling, which can simplify the company's warehouse procedures immensely. We have designed warehouse management solutions which provide easy and quick storage of empty or loaded euro crates, cartons and boxes, euro pallets or other cargo types. Despite their complexity and high density our logistics management systems remain compact and distinctly well organised, featuring reliable and exact control of the inventory. NIEROS® logistics and warehousing systems are supported by decades of experience and knowledge of our expert teams, who are always working to deliver flexible and designated solutions. Each item in storage can be traced easily and accessed quickly at any time point. We value your time and space, therefore all our logistics management systems respect the principle "first-in, first-out”, which guarantees the highest quality of the products.

Automated logistics systems

Pick the best warehouse management solutions, adapted to your needs and facilities

Our industrial logistics systems are user centred, easy to use and ergonomic, which helps your personnel fulfil their tasks regularly and comfortably and raises productivity. We've designed our storage solutions flexibly, so that you can choose between automated logistics systems and manual operation. Cleaning is straightforward, which in turn raises hygiene levels. You can easily store your industrial equipment in our industrial logistics systems that make full use of your warehouse areas. You can decide between fully automated logistics management systems, pick and place systems or gravitational warehouses. When making the decision on the type, you should consider how much storage space you have and what kind of products should be stored. NIEROS® can assist you with all questions and offer valuable advice, founded on extensive experience and best practices. The choice can be made between the following characteristics of logistics management systems: operated manually, products charged automatically and removed manually, products charged manually and removed automatically or charged automatically and removed automatically. The most notable benefits of our logistics and warehousing solutions include optimization of time and expenses, the best possible use of space, efficient tracking and tracing, simple inventory monitoring. We guarantee flexibility of the design and simple maintenance, which lowers the costs. All our products are fully integrated and we will always listen to your specific needs. NIEROS® is a company based on tradition of user-centred approaches. We've grown from pre-industrial times and managed to become a leader in the world market for hygiene solutions and logistics systems. We don't compromise when it comes to quality, and will always go out of our way to deliver tailor-made solutions for each client. Your productivity and cost-effectiveness are our primary concerns. That is why we always develop innovative products and ideas that are responding to the needs of our customers. Contact us and we'll provide a personalised offer for your particular case!