Professional slicer - industrial slicer that slices many loaves of bread per hour

Professional breadslicer Domina

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Professional bread slicers come in a variety of sizes and colours and enable cutting uniform bread slices. Industrial bread slicer is a mechanized device that slices many loaves per hour. Our company designed a line of bread slicers named Domina. Domina bread slicers offer efficient solutions in bread-cutting.

Pro slicer blades - professional slicer is making slicing fast and conveniant

With a variety of different spacings of blades Domina professional slicer can slice at different slice widths to suit your culinary needs. You can achieve the thinnest cuts possible with no chipping on the edge of the cut. It cuts twice as fast as ordinary blades with little effort and is made of the strongest steel.

Bread-slicer Domina - professional bread slicer: automatic, semi-automatic, trim&cutting bread, packing table

The advantages of industrial bread slicer Domina:
- long tradition of bread slicing production
- experiance and quality
- European quality certificate (CE certificate)
- easy cleaning and maintenance
- 2-year guarantee


Domina professional bread slicers have a modern design and correspond to all technical and functional requirements. They can also be custom-made to fulfill any specific need. The use of the machine is safe, which is also confirmed by the CE certificate. The bread slicer blades are made of top quality steel, which enables very long usage of the blades and the machine itself.

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