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How to slice bread with Domina bread slicer?

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How to slice bread with a bread slicer to get the slices of equal width? Domina bread slicer is designed to slice bread as evenly as only a machine can. Choose a variety of pre-adjusted blade widths or choose a bread slicer with additionally adjustable widths.

Slice bread even and fast with high quality bread slicerBread slicing machine

Bread slicers are machines intended to produce evenly sliced bread. How does a loaf of bread get cut into even slices? A bread slicer contains a number of blades, alligned in a row. When a loaf is inserted intoa special compartment, the slicer pushes the loaf through evenly-spaced sharp blades. On the other side of the bread slicer an evenly sliced loaf of bread awaits packaging.

Bread slicertypes and different ways to slice bread

How to slice a loaf of bread, if you have an automatic bread slicer? An automatic slicer slices the bread without any major manual help. All you have to do is to insert an unsliced loaf of bread and push the ON button. With semi-automatic cutters you must invest some energy in turning the handle which pushes sliced bread out of the slicing machine.

Slice bread evenly: varying sizes - thin or thick bread slices

Bread can be sliced in different sizes, or more accurately, widths. Options of slice widths are:

  • 9 mm
  • 11 mm
  • 15 mm
  • 20 mm

However, there is also an option of having two bread cutter machines joined in one, so the bread slice width can be adjusted according to your needs:

  • 11 mm - 22 mm
  • 15 mm - 30 mm

How to slice bread if you have the option of choosing a width? Adjust the size you want on the slicing machine and begin cutting bread. Bread slices you made can be instantly packed if you have a packing table. The packing table can be installed on new or old cutters. If you want to know more about how to slice bread with our products, contact us!

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