Bread cutters for continuous heavy-duty bread slicing

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Bread cutters are especially needed in bakeries, supermarkets, hotels and in food service. Heavy-duty bread slicing can be very time consuming, but with the right type of machine with inserted bread cutter guide, slicing work can become very simplified.

Description of blades or bread cutter guide

Bread cutters have many blades also known as bread cutter guide. The blades in are made of high quality steel and are being further sharpened by a “double sharpening” method which enables long usage and continuous sharpness of a bread loaf cutter.

The function of the cutter guide

Bread cutter guide inserted inside the bread slicing machine consists of number of blades that are equally spaced. This is what enables the loaf to be evenly cut. All you have to do is put a loaf of bread into the cutting machine and it will do the rest by itself. Every bread loaf cutter has the same function - cut a large quantity of bread in even slices. However, different types of bread slicers operate differently: automatic bread cutters need no manual labour, because it only takes one push of a button to cut the bread. With semi-automatic bread cutters an operatormust use a handle on the machine to slice bread.

Manufacturing and usage of the bread cutter

Bread cutters are manufactured from high quality materials, especially the ones covering the surface of the bread loaf cutter. Therefore every bread cutter meets all of the safety standards. Bread cutters are electrically powered and have a safety switch. The machine guide with its blades operates very quietly. Based on technical and functional features the bread loaf cutter received the CE quality certificate.

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