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Bread slicing machines

Domina bread slicing machines

5 different types

Domina bread slicing machines come in 5 different types. They can be automatic, semi-automatic, automatic with a conveyor belt, slicing machine for trim and cutting and semi-automatic table bread slicer.

Manufacturing of a bread slicing machine

Bread slicing machines are manufactured by the use of modern technologies and high quality components. Our machines are durable, reliable and safe. Materials used in the production process of a slicing machine are all in accordance with food safety and ecological standards. The construction and design of slicing machines make the bread cutters very simple to use.

Bread slicing machine - varieties of appearance

Our bread slicer machine has an option of wheels on the base, so the slicing machine is easy to move if necessary. The machines also come in various colours and with different widths of the slicing blades. Domina machines can be custom-made to your needs and wishes. Depending on operation mode of the slicing machines they come equipped with an ON/OFF button or with a handle.

Safety of the slicing machine

Bread slicing machines have an integrated switch, especially designed with a fuse, which protects against repeated turningon in case of power failure. The slicing machine has a special thermal fuse protecting the bread cutter from overburdening. Domina bread slicing machine also has an emergency OFF switch. When it comes to our slicing machines safety is a priority. Contact us!

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