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Electric slicing machine for bread

Electric slicing machineUK distributor needed!

Domina electric slicing machine for bread, or an electric bread cutter, can be made in different shapes and sizes, according to your needs. Domina electric bread slicers which come with wheels on the base, can be variously coloured or otherwise custom-made.

Electric slicing machine

An electric bread cutter makes cutting bread very easy, especially when and where a lot of bread is needed in a short amount of time. That is why the electric bread slicer is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, bakeries and school kitchens. Our electric bread slicers fulfil food safety and ecological requirements.

Electric bread slicers - types of electric slicing machines

Our electric bread slicers are sorted in four different types:

  • automatic electric slicer with a conveyor belt
  • automatic bread slicer
  • semi-automatic bread cutting machine
  • trim&cutting machine

Electric slicing machines can also be rented. Contact us and rent a bread slicer!

Characteristics of electric slicers

Our electric slicing machines are meticulously designed. They are widely preferred, wherever a large number of sliced bread is manufactured. Our electric bread cutters are developed with a consideration to assure maximum safety. They're available in different sizes and capacities. Each Domina electric bread cutter is fabricated to meet the requirements of our clients and every one of them is in accordance with the European standards. This means that our electric bread slicers have the CE certificate. Every slicer offers premium functions and is easy to install and it requires only one operator.

Electric bread cutter with or without bread packing table

Electric bread cutter can have an already installed packing table. Packing table can also be installed later on a newly boughtoron an older electric slicing machine. The only requirement is that the slicing machine must be either an automatic or semi-automatic. The packing and slicing with Domina electric bread slicers can be done by one person alone.

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