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Automatic and semi-automatic bread slicer

Automatic breadslicer DominaUK distributor needed!

Automatic bread slicer is an electrically powered machine, which operates without any manual help. Semi-automatic bread slicer also works on electricity, but needs an operator to use a handle for slicing the bread.

Automatic bread slicer - functions

Domina automatic bread slicer starts operating when you push the ON button. The operator has to put the bread in the slicer and collect it after it has been cut. This slicer can make 11, 15 and 20mm wide slices of bread. If you have a two in one automatic bread slicer, the slicing machine can cut two different widths of bread slices: 11 and 22mm or 15 and 30mm. We are able to make a custom-made electric slicing machine, so the width of sliced bread can conform to your daily needs.

Semi-automatic bread slicer - how does the slicer work?

Semi-automatic bread slicer does not work completely automatically. The operator has to put the bread into the slicer and push the handle to push the bread through the blades. Semi-automatic bread slicer is also available in three different sizes or as a two in one machine.

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