Automatic & semi-automatic cutting machine

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Automatic cutting machine is electrically powered, so to start working with the bread cutting machine, all you have to do is push the ON button. For semi-automatic cutting machinery you have to add some manual help, by pushing the handle, which is attached to these bread cutting machines.

Automatic cutting machine - features and performance

Automatic cutting machines have a high performance and high efficiency, which is why this bread cutting machinery is suitable for bakeries, hotels and supermarkets. Domina machines are reliable and meet all customer requirements. The blades in the cutting machine are made of top quality steel and are being further sharpened by a “double sharpening” method, which enables a very long usage of cutting machinery.

Technical data for bread cutter

Automatic cutting machine with a conveyor belt isable to cut 1100 kg per hour which. This machine weighs 290kg and is intended for slicing the loaves up to 160mm in height. Domina automatic bread cutting machines have an IP 33 protection degree. Cutting width of the machinery is 500mm, width of a bread slice is 9-20mm.

Different types of machines- semi-automatic cutting machine

Domina automatic and semi-automatic bread cutting machines have a capacity of slicing 520kg/h. Automatic and semi-automatic cutting machine weighs 109kg. This machine has a three-phase plug and operating voltage of 400V.

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