Slicer machine Domina, inherited tradition of bread slicing

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Domina bread slicer machines are made in continuation of inherited tradition of bread slicing production. We specialize in offering a qualitative range of bread slicer machines.

Slicer machine - features that make slicer machines excel

Slicer machines are known for their low maintenance, optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Bread slicer machines also have low power consumption and easy usage characteristics. Cutting bread with Domina machine slicer is very safe, which is also confirmed by CE certificate. Contact us if you are interested in high quality slicer machine in any kind of version, even custom-made.

Where are the bread slicer machines most needed?

A slicer machine is intended for fastand even bread cutting. Slicer cutting machines are being used where a large amount of sliced bread is needed. Bread slicer machine is mainly used in bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, school kitchens or everywhere bread is needed for a great amount of people. The bread cut in the machine slicer looks beautifully even.

Bread cutting machine Domina, the best qualities of a slicer machine

Bread cutting machines are easy to operate, even with a single operator. Inside the electric breadslicer machine is a fixed electric motor that enables the blades to cut when bread is in the machine slicer. The machine is very easy to install. They come in various sizes according to width in the layout of the blades. Bread in the machine slicer is evenly cut because of the bread cutting guide (evenly spaced blades) inserted in the bread slicer machine.

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