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Bread cutter machine - the best way to cut a larger quantity of bread

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Bread cutter machine, especially an automatic cutter with a conveyor belt, provides the fastest way to cut bread. It needs the least manual operations among different kinds of cutting machines - it only needs a push on a button and it starts slicing bread as evenly as only a machine can.

Slice cutter machine - tradition and modern technology

Domina bread cutter machines are being made in continuous tradition following the latest technology. Every machine is made from high quality materials and components. Materials on the surface of the machine cutter are in accordance with ecological and food safety standards. The design and construction make use of the cutter machine simple and safe. It is powered by an electric motor (0,75 kW).

Bread cutter machine - blades and bread cutting guide

Bread cutter machine cuts bread with a number of sharp blades. The blades in the cutter machine are evenly placed according to the desired width. Some of our bread slicers have two adjustable widths of the blades. A machine cutter can also be custom-made according to your requests. The sizes and capacities of Domina cutter machines can be adjusted according to your needs.

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