Automatic packaging machine Domina

Automatic packaging machine

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An automatic packaging machine or a packing table in short, comes with or can be added to new or old automatic and semi-automatic bread cutters. Bread packaging machine is ideal for bakeries and supermarkets.

The procedure of automatic packaging

Domina automatic packaging machine is attached to a bread slicer. The packaging procedure starts after the bread is cut. The bread packaging machine blows up the bag intended for packaging - the bag is ready to envelop the bread. The machine then packages and seals the bread.

Packaging machine installed on the bread cutter

The machine is installed on the bread cutter. The bread packaging machine can be placed on the right or on the left side of the bread slicer.

Automatic packaging machine is operated by one person

Domina automatic packaging machine is very simple to operate. Handling the bread cutting can be done by one person alone. The machine is very time efficient - slicing and packaging takes just a few moments.

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