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Slicing equipment and guides: best way of slicing bread into even slices

Slicing equipment such as a bread slicing guide was invented to enhance the bread slicing technology. Bread slicing guides are a series of blades in breadslicing machines. The blades are evenly spaced and therefore offer an excellent solution for cutting a loaf of bread into even slices.

Domina breadslicer - a handy slicing equipment with a guideSlicing guides

Bread slicer guides are a vital part of our very own products: Domina bread slicing machines. They contain bread slicing guides that come in a variety of different spacings between blades. You can choose:
- 9 mm (automatic breadslicer with a conveyor belt),
- 11 mm,
- 15 mm,
- 20 mm,
- 11 and 22 mm (combined slicers),
- 15 and 30 mm (combined slicers),

Custom-made breadslicer with a bread slicing guide starting at 9 mm for breadslicers with a conveyor belt and starting at 11 mm for the rest of the breadslicers.

The bread slicing guide is made of high quality steel blades. The blades are double-sharpened, which guarantees an extremely long-lasting sharpness.

Professional Domina slicing equipment

Our professional breadslicing machines are a product of a long tradition. They are made with precision and from quality materials. Choose quality breadslicers - choose Domina!

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