Commercial bread slicers for sale and rent

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Domina bread slicers are commercial bread slicers for sale and rent. For pricelist and how to rent electric bread slicers, check out our website. We are also looking for a distributor of our breadslicers in the UK - contact us!

Commercial bread slicersElectric bread slicers

High quality commercial slicers for sale

Bread slicers that you can purchase from our company are meant for commercial use, meaning establishments where a great quantity of bread is needed in a short amount of time. Commercial slicers are made with a modern technology. They are meticulously designed and widely preferred by hotels, bakeries, supermarkets and school kitchens. Commercial bread slicers are easy to operate with and extremely safe. Electric bread slicers Domina also have a CE quality certificate.

Bread slicers for rent

Bread slicers of all types are available for rent. You can rent Domina commercial slicers for various amount of time. Commercial bread slicers can be rented for a day, a week or a year. Those for commercial use can have 9mm, 11mm, 15mm or 20mm width per slice. If you are interested in renting a bread slicer contact us through our e-mail or take a look at Domina bread slicers for sale.

Commercial electric bread slicers Domina

Domina slicers are electric bread slicers used for fast bread cutting. Manufacturing has a long tradition and every product is made with experience and knowledge. All bread slicers for sale and rent are fabricated in accordance with the actual European standards. Bread slicers for commercial needs are easy to clean and maintain. Service and spare parts for bread cutters are assured. Our commercial slicers are intended for slicing all kinds of bread.

Commercial bread slicers by your order and specifications

Electric bread slicers for commercial use can also be custom-made. We take great pride in making commercial slicers in accordance with your specifications. Domina products have many quality features that will convince you.

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