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Bread cutting with Domina machine

Bread cutting machineUK distributor needed!

Bread cutting with our Domina machine has never been easier. Working with bread slicers shortens the time of cutting bread for a large amount of people.

Different machines for cutting bread

Cutting can be done by different bread cutting machines. Depending on the amount of bread that has to be sliced you can choose between:

Cutting procedure with a bread cutting machine

The procedure starts by inserting the bread loaf or any other kind of bread in the cutting machine. If it's an automatic machine everything is done automatically, but with a semi-automatic machine, you must push the bread through the bread cutting guide using a handle. The knives in the guide cut the bread, which comes out on the other side of the machine. After the cutting, slices of bread fall into a box that is attached to the machine. Breadcrumbs that are left after the cutting, fall into a drawer in the lower part of the machine.

Cutting bread with help of sharp blades

Cutting can be evenly done thanks to bread cutting guide inserted in the machine. Cutting guide is a device which assures that knives run smoothly and evenly through the bread in the cutting procedure. Take advantage of simple, efficient and time-saving way of bread cutting - choose Domina!

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